Springtime Fashion Discovery

It’s the end of March, and we’re now moving into that transitional season where fashion is not only used as functional but as metaphorical - it’s a mood lifter.

Springtime introduces us to pastel colours, floral pattens, lighter fabrics and, maybe the most precious of spring garments - jackets. It’s time to shake off winter and invite a breath of life into your wardrobe, even if there is a chill in the air or rain forecast, spring fashion is about giving some zing and punch to your routine.

And during this time of isolation we could all use some uplifting energy. I have picked out some of my favourite items for springtime within the Lone Design Club community, I hope to help you to look ahead, inspire your wardrobe and introduce you to some new brands…

First up, we’re talking power suits. A bold statement in the wardrobe of a woman, the boss-garment, the no-nonsense-ensemble. But also; a bold statement in style. Sabinna creates ethical fashion without compromising on aesthetic and her Alice Jacket in Printed Linen and matching Myla Trousers, with signature whimsical patterning, is my first pick this springtime. You may have seen this look featured on the Lone Design Club Instagram recently.

Bedouin is certainly kicking down the door to spring with bold energy and the Feels Pink Top with matching Mercury Trousers captures this perfectly. Bedouin is clothing designed for the free thinking woman who is carving out her own path, and you can carve out a space for yourself with the striking silhouette of this coord. And, a burst of colour can be the first step towards being more daring with your style choices.

Ready to step into the spotlight this spring? Kristina Laptso is for the eccentric; she allows you to experiment with pieces sure to make you the centre of attention; so be prepared for that! The Two-Piece Silk Cut Suit with Rose Print has a flourishing persona that will have you stepping out with confidence. Lone Design Club is all about finding fashion that feels personal to you. And these picks for spring are all about refreshing your look but making sure you’re representing your true self out there.

We’ve talked of power suits and now it’s time for the power of lightness; that softer touch that comes with spring. Let’s soften the colours, the fabrics and the edges so everything becomes a little more pastel and flowing… Enter, Edward Mongzar. Each piece in his collection encompasses serene luxury, they are all hand marbled then dried in the sunshine, with recycled water and no use of electricity. His Hand Marbled Open Back Dress in Blue is a moment of elegance for the season.

The changing of the season is a great time to think about our fashion and I mean that in more ways than one; each brand named here has made a conscious effort to be more environmentally aware within their industry. When we are changing our style it’s important to see how we can be changing our consumer habits as well.

Skylence is here to provide the much needed florals - some might say that florals for spring isn't exactly groundbreaking (‘Devil Wears Prada’ reference, anyone?) however the Derling Embroidered Jackets in black and white is a must have for spring! I said it, that cliche phrase - a ‘must have.’ The Skylence collection is detailed with Chinese culture and history, making for delicate and beautiful garments with a classic cut. 

It’s time for accessories! I have picked two brands that I’ve found really interesting to explore this season, the first, Lobos - creating bespoke bags as wearable art. They celebrate craftsmanship in their iconic Mini Quadratino collection. However, their resident artist Marta Mosler Kalisz can personalise your chosen bag by hand painting them with any design or graphic you send them. 

And secondly, we have Tiana Jewel, whose bohemian inspired jewellery is designed with the power of healing crystals. Why not change up your energy in more ways than one; the Amethyst Cluster Gemstone Cuff Ring is a statement piece that can help to accentuate an outfit, but also Amethyst quartz helps to protect you from negative energy - we could all use as much of that as we can get!

This article might appear to be about what’s ‘trendy’ or ‘in’ this season.

However, what is always trendy is you - representing yourself is the best way to feel confident and to push yourself into finding exciting, new styles. Lone Design Club helps designers to represent themselves and the personality within their work, so you can find fashion that, truly, speaks to you. Nothing is ever ‘out of style’ if it makes you feel more like you.  

Now for some honourable mentions; the Esthé Polo Punch in pink, which definitely packs a punch - great to add some fun and flair to monochrome work outfits.

Conflict of Ego with the Certified Sweat and Peep Hole Pants; the cut outs featured in their collection is a great way to mix up your style.

And, KAPPE by Federica Bonifaci, from now on it’s capes only - it’s the perfect time to try a new form of outerwear, such as, the Kappa Ludovica.

Written by LDC Contributor: Caroline Louise Hamar

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