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Find the Valentine's Day that suits you and your lifestyle.


As that dreamy day in February draws nearer, known to some as Valentine’s day but also to others as the all too prolific ‘Single Awareness Day’, we here at Lone Design Club have the perfect treat for you.


Whether its sole purpose lies in putting it on just to take it off. Or if you are putting it on for your own beautiful, independent and amazing self, our February selection of Lingerie is sure to be not only a 'show stopper jaw dropper', but also provide you with a selection of brands built upon essential fundamental values.  


With a carefully curated selection we are proud to introduce the three Lingerie lines hitting the LDC shelves this February; Monology, Studio Pia and The Underargument.



For a brand that’s not just lingerie but rather inner beauty and comfort, Monology offers a range of beautifully constructed and elegantly detailed undergarments that you will leave you comfortable, classy and radiating inner beauty. Offered at a reasonable price that will not only bring delight but also empowerment and strength to all women to thrive and grow.


Studio Pia take reference from the worlds of fine art and couture, where rich colours and textures meet striking shapes, with exquisite construction and craftsmanship to provide undergarments that are designed to flatter all body types. With the use of an exclusively cruelty-free, organic, peace silk, her vision was to design a collection of creative, investment pieces, which challenge preconceptions about ethical fashion aesthetics, and provide the customer with a timeless luxury she can feel good about showing off.



Providing commentary and socio-political relevance to the very foundation of your outfit. The Underargument brings a fresh and relevant approach to fundamental beliefs we here at LDC are built upon. Each collection is a personal reminder and a campaign against the norm supported by women who volunteered to share their related stories; empowering themselves through vulnerability and educating us through authenticity.


Now to end off we’re going to make your Valentine’s Day plans very simple but enormously effective. Enough of the kitsch and cliché! How many years is it going to take to realize that an overly stuffed, overly priced and overly decorated restaurant is simply not the romantic rendezvous you have in mind!


Your plans are going to look like this: you’re going make your way over to 14-16 Great Pulteney Street, Soho on the 14th of February round about 6:30pm for an evening of drinks, panel discussions, exclusive bra fitting services and an opportunity to get your portrait done by our professional illustrator. A night certainly too good to miss.



And on top of this, we here at LDC believe that you don’t need a day to tell you to celebrate the love you have for someone (or two)! So, come share the love with us for the whole Month!!! We have so many more amazing events lined up as well as our Fab and Feb curated Fashion week concept store!


Finally, this one’s for all the heart throbs out there;

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Valentine’s Day is coming

And LDC loves you!


For more information check out our Valentine's Day event here.

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