Pride is here again and it’s bigger than ever! Anticipation is building as the summer sun continues to scorch and glitter is beings to line the streets of London. Since 1970 Pride has celebrated the LGBTQ community, one which honours the individual. The less you blend into the crowd, the better. Here at LDC, we celebrate the individual everyday. Our independent brands rise up against the norm all year long. We swim against the high street current, offering refreshing products, ones that show the individual designer behind the brand and proves that true craftsmanship lives on.

London Pride Event

Pride takes place on the most popular shopping street in the country, Oxford Street. This is the epicentre fast fashion and corporate giants, however they are showing their cracks as the retail climate shifts and stores are closing down. Their windows may be tempting; coloured with rainbows and happiness, but take pride even further this year by shopping independent brands. Head over just 10 minutes walk away to Covent Garden where you can celebrate the individual in an even more direct way. 

Our Next Gen Concept store is leading a revolution against traditional high street values. Come down and celebrate pride with us where you can meet with the designers who are pioneering change. Check out Sabinna’s Love=Love collection in-store, a fashion statement that donates to the Stonewall charity with every purchase. Follow the CHOOSE LOVE arrows down Slingsby Place (Covent Garden) and join in the fun this weekend!

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