Our Founder is Forbes 30 Under 30

And we couldn't be more proud!

Lone Design Club are proud to announce that our CEO Rebecca Morter was recently selected for the 2020 Forbes 30 Under 30! We thought we’d take this moment to reintroduce you to the extremely talented woman that is our founder and all that Lone Design Club stand for.  

Rebecca graduated from the London College of Fashion with first-class honours, and an impressive array of industry experience under her belt - a beautifully designed belt, we might add. Her graduation collection received international recognition and with supporters such as Lady Gaga and the British Fashion Council, Rebecca co-founded her first experimental womenswear label, REIN, which debuted at London Fashion Week February 2015. 

What followed was a cult of celebrity followers, from Jessie J, Charli XCX, Skin (Skunk Anansie), Little Mix, EVE and Cheryl. As well as her collections being featured in print and online publications such as Wonderland, Vogue IT, Harpers Bazzar, ELLE and Marie Claire. An impressive feat! But Rebecca was just getting started...

Building her own brand caused Rebecca to realise something was missing in the world of fashion, something important to the very foundation of fashion - consumer connection. And so, she experimented, with a pop up store in Soho at London Fashion Week 2017. This was to be the prototype for what fashion could look like; helping small brands take the reins in their business without the need for wholesale. The store was a success! And soon after, in May 2018, Lone Design Club was born; a vibrant culture of fashion that creates an experience, rather than just a shopping trip. And Rebecca made the decision to put her own fashion label on hold to concentrate on this new future of fashion that she was sculpting.

When designers are able to connect with consumers, there is a fluidity between the two that allows the designer to be more adventurous and open with their creativity. Because they’re able to tell their story and be, most importantly, understood. Lone Design Club gives a voice to these emerging brands. 

Rebecca has been recognised for bringing together over 200 designers, with Lone Design Club, in order to create a much needed space within fashion of entrepreneurial elevation. Rebecca’s success leads to success as a community, and at Lone Design Club we are all about our community. 

This exciting announcement comes just a week after our International Women’s Day event, an event that promoted the ‘business woman’ and gave her a space to network, connect and ask questions. So, it’s incredibly fitting to be celebrating the strong female entrepreneur at our helm!

This was one of many events that Lone Design Club host, in order to bring the community together and represent whats important to them. With events, pop ups and digital experiences Lone Design Club have personalised and enhanced the way we view fashion. 

The traditional methods of wholesale are not enough for customers anymore, Rebecca recognised that and now Lone Design Club have proved that. We are living in a time of curiosity and individualism; people want to discover fashion that has a story to tell. Sustainability has always been an ethos of Lone Design Club and it’s important that consumers can be supported in shopping more consciously, whilst still being introduced to cool and contemporary brands.  Since it’s launch, Lone Design Club has been quickly expanding with bi-monthly pop up stores in desired London locations such as Shoreditch and Sloane Street. And now, they’re going international, with a store during Milan Fashion Week and plans for a store in Shanghai.

Rebecca was shocked and humbled to be chosen for 30 Under 30; she stated how amazing it was to be recognised on such an incredible platform and amongst so many accomplished entrepreneurs. Lone Design Club has allowed her to combine and express many of her passions and she loves supporting the passion of others within her work! 

It’s an incredibly exciting time to be getting involved with Lone Design Club and this accomplishment is a real vote of confidence that we are making changes in the industry and helping other brands to do the same. Lone Design Club are fast becoming trail blazers for those who want to shape the future of fashion!

Written by LDC Contributor: Caroline Hamar

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