Meet the designers of Joanna Andraos, a contemporary brand born after the pandemic with vision to empower women through cutting edge fashion. Joanna Andraos is a combination of high end practicality with a twist of endless chic. The collections are developed to redefine leather work as well as integrating fashion forward designs that fits every occasion.

Joanna, we are most excited to have you join our club! A founder’s journey is always exciting, can you tell us a bit about your personal story - What inspired you to start the brand and how did you go about this?

Unexpected trips and journeys seems always to be the best, similarly to our brand which started after graduating with a masters in sustainable architecture and getting married then taking the decision to boost this business with my life partner. The greatest challenge that we faced was the economic crisis in Beirut in 2019, which affected each and every household after seizing all their assets and funds in the bank due to cash shortage and unpaid government loans to local banks. The path was difficult at the very beginning which pushed us in a very early stage to reach out to international markets in order to be able to grow the brand. We are now available in Dubai at the Dubai International Financial Centre & The Dubai Mall, In Doha Qatar, in Cairo Egypt & now in  London UK!
Your designs are so fun and unique! What inspires your designs and where do you originally seek inspiration?

Following seasonal trends from fashion shows is a must and a main game changer but introducing trends while conserving our identity is what makes our brand and every brand a trademark, therefore we always follow the trend but without crossing the book.

Each designer has their own unique process for creating a collection. When it comes to designing and production, what are your main processes for creating a product?

In house production is a must for us because our designing and creating process takes several trials in order to get to the optimal outcome we have in mind. Our process starts with brainstorming the mood boards and colour palette then choosing the cuts and sampling, and finally searching for the compatible fabrics and here is the most important part so that design reaches our target the audience.

What does sustainability mean to you and why is it important to you as a Founder?

Sustainability was always a main pillar for us when starting the brand, we consider that the environment , natural resources and animals were and always will be eternal gifts to our planet which we should preserve and keep for a healthier future to the coming generations .

Sustainability, ethics and social responsibility are key to any and every brand’s DNA. How does Joanna Andraos integrate this into the business?

Our brand takes part in environmental responsibility by practicing and promoting zero-waste and cruelty-free fashion in the way we work and all the materials we work with. Creating a relaxed and cool workspace environment that fits all stakeholders taking into consideration fair wages , working times and a rewarding system is also one of the brands main ethical commitments.

Finally, we’d love to hear a bit about Joanna Andraos' collections and your own personal opinion on them. Can you tell us which are your favourite items, and how can we style them this season?

Our latest collection “Urban Redux” reflects the modern working women especially with the introduction of suits that can match with daily workdays and fancy dinners as well. Suits with our signature corset belts are our all-time best seller in each and every season.

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