Meet UNDERAGE: The Independent Brand for Rebellious Spirits

By Caroline L Hamar, Contributor

Taking a stand for the experimental youth, Underage, is at the heart of what Lone Design Club are all about. From initiations into a female-led cult to the desolate lands of time travel, we have been welcomed into the vision of Underage through many fashion week presentations. They are theatrical and mindful; their fashion always making a comment on our society.

Underage is for the misfits, the misunderstood, the rebels and the trailblazers and so, we’re shining a light on their amazing style. Designed and created in London their garments are inspired by the wild natures that inhabit the city, from gender neutral clothing to unorthodox garment construction.

This style inspiration will focus on mesh as that is also the focus of the Underage SS20 collection. But this is not just a summer style, using mesh even in the winter, has a romantic, even daring, effect. Our favourite is a mesh three piece suit, when you think of three piece suits these aren’t usually the three garments that come to mind; this is unconventional yet classic. The Mesh Trouser in Red, Men’s Fit Shirt in Red (we love mixing all garments, regardless of gender) and underneath the Bra Top with Nipple Tassels in Red. This outfit gives a sophisticated aura whilst having a subtle edginess; the bra gives a feminine and sensual touch to the male shirt. Mesh is such a beautiful material, allowing you to be completely covered yet elegantly exposed, you can have a whole other outfit on underneath, or make a subtle sensual statement with a bodysuit. In this case mesh is used as an illusion; there are many secret societies and communities, but Underage is welcoming us into them. The mesh is the metaphor of something being covered up or concealed however, is still visible - visible only to the right people.

Try styling the mesh trousers with the Chloe - Drop Armhole side Button Bodysuit, which gives a seamless transition of full coverage under the mesh. Why not also, drape the Nata Golden Days Jacket over your shoulders for a little earth-toned, subdued effect to the outfit. You can mix and match all these pieces to add a little bit of that rebellious spirit to your current wardrobe…

For example, styling the mesh shirt and bra with Aggi’s Monica Designer Black Pants; the figure skimming silhouette and the flared ends creates an elegant outfit, however, with the mesh shirt and bra these office-ready trousers are also evening-ready, even for a date night. It’s amazing what a little bit of mesh can achieve, in your look and your attitude.

If you want to be immersed in the Underage world you can visit our pop up with Underage on Great Portland Street! It’s not just a shopping trip because, fashion should never be just a shopping trip, it's a chance for the designers to tell their story. Underage is not just a brand; it is a statement and a community, so their garments need to be displayed in a space which reflects that vision. So come and experience the Underage rebellion!

Also, why not explore the subtle yet powerful styling of mesh throughout the rest of the Underage SS20 collection. From the Mesh Print Top, influenced by the themes of cults, religion and secret societies, to the Deconstructed Blazer with Detachable Sleeves in Black, giving a feminine cut to a masculine garment. There is mesh panelling throughout and the sleeves can be detached to reveal just the mesh underlay. Or finally, the Mesh Dress in Black - a stand out piece in the SS20 collection. All of which provide the perfect tone for an autumnal wardrobe shake up!

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