YOJO is an accessories label founded in London and sustainably handmade in Italy. The YOJO hallmark is defined by the experimental use of ceramics - a completely eco-friendly material that Joe has re-imagined to create his unique accessories, adding a pop of colour and a talking point in our stores. Through founder and designer Joe Sorrentino’s interest in art, designs, photography and cultural diversity, YOJO employs an unconventional and multidisciplinary approach to create their iconic fashion accessories for men and women. Joe is currently in our Notting Hill store with his collection of silk scarves, hats, and ceramic accessories (perfect xmas gifts btw!). We caught up with Joe to find out more about YOJO, his creative process and why he loves what he does...


Joe Sorrentino designer

Tell us a little about your brand

YOJO was born from the vision to explore the intersections between fashion and interior design through the combination and experimentation of distinct and renowned materials representative of the two worlds. We are currently focused on silk and ceramics, but also researching on a variety of other materials such as vegan leather and glass. We stand by premium sustainable design with a strong heritage and are proud to be one of the first brands investing in modular design to provide clients with an effortless tailor-made experience rarely accessible in the world of fashion accessories.


If you weren’t a designer, what would you be?

That’s an interesting question cause I am a bootstrapped designer and always thought of design as a way to express my inner self. If I wasn’t a designer I would go for being a designer which is exactly what I did when I quitted my everyday office jungle and grabbed my pencil and notebook to start doodling.


What is your creative process for creating new pieces or collections?I usually start from themes I care about. To me, design must be meaningful and the only way to express powerful messages is by standing for something. Customers no longer buy products, they buy stories and experiences and it’s our job to deliver on this mission. Once I get the concept right and visualise my inspiration, I work on prints, swatches and materials to create something relevant. It’s a long process of trials and errors where we go through prototypes and design iterations before getting to the final collection.


Sustainable ceremicsWhat is your favourite part about being a designer?

The best part of being a designer for me resides in connecting with other artists and makers. For the very same nature of our concept I find myself working alongside expert seamstresses and artists and every time we get all together to understand material interdependencies and structural complexities, I feel that's where the magic happens. It’s astonishing how powerful a group of passionate people can be when trying to turn a drawing into a product. I wouldn’t have gone so far if it wasn’t for all those artists and makers sharing my same vision and values.


Why have you chosen to partner with LDC?

Because united we are stronger. Despite the positive movement in sustainable fashion it’s still rare to find people extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the industry but at the same time not willing to compromise on values.  If we connect with each other and work towards the same ultimate goals we have more chances to get our voice heard. LDC is for us a platform to connect with like-minded consumers and designers whilst doing something good for the industry.



Meet Joe in-store and discover his accessories in our Xmas concept store until 17th December at 1 Denbigh Road, Notting Hill, W11 2SJ, 10-7pm daily. 

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