Meet The Designer: Yoroshiku 4649

Yoroshiku 4649 designer Yumi Sakaki has been a huge hip hop fan for years. You can see the influence of the music genre throughout her work. She brings a new edge to streetwear as she combines elements of her Japanese heritage into her collections. Many of her designs feature a manga influence, and images of the ocean, which are very important in Japanese culture owing to it being one of the most proficient industries for centuries. Streetwear style makes for an edgy and cool look with her statement sweatshirts and track pants. Yoroshiku 4649 haven’t showcased their clothes in London since 2016, it’s going to be exciting return in our LFW concept store.

Tell us a little about your brand

4649 (reads: Yo ro shi ku) is a polite way to say “Nice to meet you” in Japanese.

4649 is also an independent brand based in London, making classic street wear with a hint of Japanese playfulness. 

We spread love ethically by working with local manufacturers and creatives (photographer, musicians, magazines, event organisers etc) to support and be part of the community.

Why have you chosen to partner with LDC?

We wanted to showcase the brand to more fashion-centric audience (in contrary to our usual way of connecting with people via culture) and raise awareness about our #BritishBuilt collection; the range of comfy street wear entirely produced in UK. The last popup we did in central London was @ Topshop Oxford Circus in 2016 so it’s very exciting to be back in soho during this LFW.


Who is your dream muse (alive, passed or fictional!) - i.e. who inspired you to design and pursue your brand?

Kendrick Lamar and his album ‘Section 80’ was the main inspiration to start my own street wear brand - it helped me turning some of the toughest years of my life into the most productive and blessing.

Was there a catalyst that sparked you to start your own label?

When I saw my favourite street wear brand collaborating with my favourite musicians for their music videos (The brand was Rocksmith Tokyo (which has now disappeared sadly) and videos are ‘A.D.H.D.’ by Kendrick Lamar & ‘Black Lip Bastard’ by Ab-Soul, to be precise) - it was a big lightning strike to see the simple brand logo being prominent in music videos. As a hip hop fan who doesn’t rap nor dance, it felt like I have found my space in the culture.


Do you have any favourite pieces from your collection – if so, what are they and why are they your favourite?

The latest capsule collection #DeepSeaCamo - it features our signature camouflage (made up of the Japanese katakana characters for Yoroshiku, arranged in an original camo pattern) in the colour palette inspired by deep sea water and its surrounding elements. It was the first time we have used blue as the main colour for the collection and so happy that they came out great and getting great responses. Also being able to produce these gorgeous kits entirely in UK working with local manufactures always feels great, knowing that we are supporting independent businesses. 

For the collection lookbook we have collaborated with our local favourite team; photographer KT Watson and musician ididmybestiswear - which resulted in very experimental, dark and quirky imageries which we are so happy about.

Check out Yoroshiku in our LFW concept store and meet the designer at 59 Greek Street, Soho, W1D 3DZ. 13th - 26th February 2019.

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