Meet The Brand: Thread & Tonic

Lone Design Club connects the world to ethical, independent, fashion brands on a mission to take control and shape the future of retail. Meet Thread & Tonic. This brand creates sustainable bags and accessories. With 70+ years of experience in their field, they are passionate about producing highest quality products that consider responsibilities.

What inspires you, your designs and where do you seek inspiration?

Our designs are inspired by nature, technology and the savoir faire of urban fashion with a forward-thinking focus on simplicity, precision and material sciences.

Each T&T piece is derived through application of sustainably sourced materials and traditional artisan techniques to create products that are luxurious and beautiful in both form and function.

Dieter Rams’ principles has been one of our core inspirations.

Each designer has their own unique process for creating a collection. When it comes to designing and production, what are your main processes for creating a product?

We start with the materials. Every material we use either is recycled and biodegradable, most of which are custom-made. This roots back to our core value of Aesthetics, without compromising on Ethics. We have an archive of over 1000 product designs from which our teams keep on wear testing these for at least a year. Once we are happy with the design, we begin prototyping and try to tweak the products based on internal company feedback. When the final designs are ready for selection, we test the market by getting customer feedback. We then incorporate this feedback and do a final round of tweaks, before making a few sets of gold seal samples which are sent to our labs for wear testing. Our process of launching a product is slow, but there is a lot that happens behind the scene, because it's most important for us to make sure that the product is designed to be by your side for a lifetime.

What does sustainability mean to you and why is it important to you as the founder?

We feel responsible to leave a sustainable legacy for future generations. The possibilities in which we can make an impact is huge (environmental, social and economic) and every small step matters. Also, the ability to recreate which would otherwise have been discarded was what excited me the most.

We have been working with Positive Luxury and are proud to have been awarded the Butterfly Mark accreditation in recognition of what we have achieved so far. 

Finally, we’d love to hear a bit about the collections and your own personal opinion on them. Can you tell us which are your favorite items, and how can we style them this season?

My favourite product is our signature laptop sleeve, which is practical and beautiful. Its highly versatile and can be styled perfectly with several different looks - from Casuals, Smart Casuals all the way upto Formals. 

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