Discover belt brand Black & Brown London - founded by mother and daughter team, Nina and Simi, Black and Brown's range of beautiful leather belts and accessories are all handmade in the UK from the finest premium Spanish and Italian leather. Ethically sourced and expertly designed, their pieces are all limited edition and one-of-a-kind. We caught up with the designer behind the brand, Simi, in our Anti-Black Friday store to find out a little more about her inspiration, her top belt picks and why she loves what she does...


Black Brown London

Tell us a little about your brand

Black & Brown London is proud to be British-made All of our accessories are handmade in England and we use only the best quality leathers from ethically sourced suppliers along with bespoke hardware for our collections. 


What is your favourite part about being a designer?




I am most happy Simi Singh fashion designer
when making belts, especially when working on samples. I love to work with different leathers and materials, and there is an abundance of raw materials to work with. Some of my best selling pieces have been created from impromptu designs.


Where do you seek inspiration from for your collections?

I find inspiration in everything, whether it is travelling or art, friends and family. Sometimes inspiration comes at any hour of the day or night so my phone is my saviour here to jot down all my ideas!


Do you have any favourite pieces from your collection – if so, what are they and why are they your favourite?

At the moment I am very fond of large statement pieces, the Liana and Darcy belts are probably my favorites. I especially love them for Autumn and Winter as they can be worn over coats and blazers - one of my favorite ways to wear a belt.


Why have you chosen to partner with LDC?

simi singh collectionI love how LDC brings together great independent brands under one roof. LDC is so much more than a boutique of gorgeous things, the experiences and workshops throughout each pop up bring a new dimension to the selling space. As we don't have a retail space, for us to be able to meet new and existing clients is wonderful. It allows us to connect with customers face to face and really get them to understand a little bit about our world as an independent British-made belt brand.












Discover Black and Brown London at LDC's ANTI-BLACK FRIDAY Concept Store + Events this November  

When: 12-25th November  

Time: 10-7pm daily

Location: 64-68 Charing Cross Road WC2H 0HR

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