This London Fashion Week, Lily Branfield will be presenting Stratum's Autumn/ Winter '18 collection exclusively at LDC's concept store in Covent Garden, on Monday 19th February. A returning LDC designer, we can't wait to see what her show has in store for us! We sat down with Lily to find out a little more about Stratum and her inspiration behind the brand.

Tell us a little about your brand.

Stratum was conceived with cool, confident and individual girls in mind, and removes everything uncomfortable and constrictive about traditional underwear (hooks, clasps, under wiring), developing campaigns inspired by the creativity and freedom of real women. At the heart of the brand is the excitement and contemporary freshness of ready-to-wear fashion. Stratum designs aim to discard outdated and fetishized lingerie stereotypes: transforming underwear from something hidden within the bedroom to pieces that blend beautifully with everyday style – from the gym to partywear.


What can we expect from your next collection, and presentation at LDC this fashion week?

Autumn/Winter ’18 sees Stratum take you into the world of 80’s cult classic “Heathers” where power plays, simmering tensions and intense emotions are the order of the day. Exploring the female psyche through the lens of turbulent teenage years the collection playfully shifts between dark and light; contrasting decadent velvet with sleek jersey and subtle colour blocking for an effortless luxe.

Channelling this spirit of rebellious self-discovery; internationally renowned model Paulina Cebrzynska fronts the campaign. Shot on location at the stunningly abandoned Averard Hotel, the campaign captures essence of the exuberance of individualism against a backdrop of faded glory.


What advice would you give women who are thinking about starting their own business?

My advice would be to just do it! The hardest part is actually starting, but once you've got that ball rolling it becomes easier and easier to keep going and to navigate tricky patches. Also I'd say to get as much help as you can. You never know until you ask how many people and organisations are out there ready to support you, all you need to do is ask!


As a returning LDC designer partner, why have you chosen to partner with us for this fashion week?

There's no one I'd rather partner with! As a new designer it can be difficult to find a platform to show your work and LDC is perfect for us. They are so imaginative, dedicated and supportive, a complete dream to work with! And they create the most amazing retail spaces that are cool, conceptual but still totally functional.


Who is your dream muse (alive, passed or fictional!) - i.e. who inspired you to design and pursue your brand?

I love a dream muse, I actually pick a new muse every year or so based on things about myself that I want to improve. Currently my muse is Blair Wardorf (fictional queen bee from Gossip Girl), her picture sits besides my desk and she encourages me to be more hardcore: passionate, relentless and brim full of self confidence. After all as Blair says: "Destiny is for losers. It's just a stupid excuse to wait for things to happen instead of making them happen."

Find Lily's beautiful designs at our London Fashion Week pop-up: 3 Slingsby Place, 16-20th Feb, 10am-7pm

And follow her at @stratumlondon


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