Ada Zanditon is the award-winning warrior goddess behind Ada Zanditon Couture – an accessories brand bridging the gap between fashion and fetish wear, through handmade harnesses, chokers, visors, cuffs and accessories. Ada is on a quest to connect customers to their goddess within, and creates a range of bespoke pieces from her East London studio.

A returning LDC design partner, Ada will be hosting an experience at our Meet the Maker concept store on Exmouth Market, on the evening of Friday 18th May – The Warrior Goddess Accessories Making Workshop. Guests will have the opportunity to create and customise their own visor, choker, cuff or harness, under the expert guidance of Ada herself. Express your creative side and create a unique piece to reflect your inner goddess!

We sat down with Ada ahead of her experience to talk about her inspirations, being an independent designer and her empowering collection….



Tell us a little about your brand

My brand is Ada Zanditon Couture – I make fetish inspired fashion accessories and bespoke clothing – mainly harnesses made to order. Over the years I have developed my own unique aesthetic inspired by the science of nature, the history of body armour, celestial archetypes ( Warrior Goddess) and ideas of the divine feminine to create really stunning intricate work. Since I started using PVC as a material I also developed a range of visors, earrings, chokers and cuffs to compliment my harnesses that can be purchased through my Etsy shop. I love being able to offer my customers really fun and beautiful products that start at a really affordable price point and also be able to work on really visionary bespoke pieces. I choose to partner with LDC because I believe in coming together as a community of independent brands to make ourselves and our designs accessible to everyone who seeks and yearns for something magical and different.

Who is your dream muse (alive, passed or fictional)

Currently I would love to dress/ collaborate with Janelle Monáe – Her music, vision, aesthetic and positivity as an artist really appeals to me.


What do you think is the biggest challenge you face as an independent designer?

The biggest challenge of being an independent designer is that you literally are independent all the time – so when you are extremely busy you have to use every hour of the day to get everything done. When you have a quiet week there is no head office covering your bills  – you have to hustle all the time to keep busy especially when big brands have so much more to spend on marketing.  You can’t just go home at 5pm and you won’t get paid overtime – but the payoff is the creative freedom and the real human connection with your customers and seeing what create being loved, worn and appreciated.

Do you have any favourite pieces from your collection – if so, what are they and why are they your favourite?

My favourite pieces are my really intricate harnesses – made using my signature technique such as the world princess harness – inspired by the song by Grimes. It’s the idea of what armour would look like if it grew organically like an exoskeleton adorning the body. The first time I made one I looked at it on the mannequin in my studio and I felt a strong sense of the universe telling me that this is why I’m here in this life – to create these pieces that embellish the body to make you feel empowered and brave.



Get tickets for Ada Zanditon Couture’s workshop here

Check out Ada Zanditon Couture’s website at

Or follow her on instagram at @adazanditoncouture

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