Meet Dedais: The most sustainable and timeless bags 

Meet Barbara, the designer behind Dedais, a sustainable London-based fashion brand that mixes tradition and modernity. For an easy everyday and lasting use, Dedais uses quality certified organic, recycled and upcycled fabrics and contributes to a positive environmental impact with an ethical and conscious approach.

Dedais is an independent, ethically and sustainably made brand. They are on a journey towards sustainability and are very aware of the positive environmental and social impact they have. Their garments are made of organic and recycled fabrics and are produced responsibly under fair working conditions. Their handmade bags are designed in London and handcrafted by a family of artisans in Portugal. Dedias' mission is to educate on how to be more environmentally conscious when you choose to buy from a responsible brand like themeselves. By buying from them you know that you are buying ethically and responsibly.

What's something that makes your brand unique? 
Dedais is a mixture of contrasts. On one hand, we use old traditional process, with no electricity or any kind modern assistance, to create our handbags. On the other hand, we meticulously research our fabrics, using the most innovative textiles such as tencel or recycled materials, such as tops made of recycled plastic bottles. Another unique characteristic of Dedais is that we have mini versions of each style, creating matching outfits for adults and children. 

What is your bestselling style?

Dedais best selling style are the handmade reed bags. Handwoven using a traditional Portuguese process, these bags are made only with natural and eco-friendly materials. The fact that they are handmade makes each of them unique. They are the perfect sustainable accessory for your wardrobe. 

We at LDC are personally adoring these handmade reed bags and we can't wait to use them this summer after the lockdown is over. These bags are perfect for a summer day at the beach or a casual dinner out.

What are the ethical values your brand stands for?
1. Quality over quantity. We create timeless styles that do not follow seasonal trends, long-lasting and can be worn season after season.
2. Dedais only uses eco-friendly materials.
3. We mainly work on a made-to-order basis, thus reducing overstock and unnecessary excess, avoiding landfill waste and contributing to the protection of the environment.
4. Our packaging is plastic free and biodegradable.

What's one thing you're looking forward to in 2021?
I am looking forward to the end of this global situation and to be able to go back to normal. I cannot wait to return to trade shows, brick and mortar, pop ups, markets and any kind of event involving direct interaction with customers. I am also looking forward to expanding the brand to more countries and participating in more fashion shows.

 We're sure that you are going to want to know more about this exciting brand so come and meet Dedais on Saturday 23rd January at 3pm where she will be going live on our Instagram to show us all the behind the scenes of Dedais and for a Q&A session.

Hope you enjoyed getting to know the designer behind Dedais. But that's not all. We're telling more brands stories every day from the 13-28 Jan here and on our Instagram. Check out the full schedule of brands here.  

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