Meet Chenchen Studio: Where Handmade Women's Attire Meets Sustainable Elegance 

Meet Chen Chen, the designer behind the exquisite and sustainable women's apparel brand Chenchen Studio. Every garment is handmade in London, with thoughtfully sourced materials and recycled fabrics. Chenchen Studio is devoted to design unique patterns to create special attire for the classic woman. 

If you're a conscious customer who is looking for a women's label which is feminine and classic, Chenchen Studio is the perfect place to start. Chenchen Studio is a London based label with the focus on designing and creating unique women's clothing with a touch of exquisiteness and delicacy. The designer Chen Chen's passion for pattern cutting is portrayed on the special and unusual patterned handmade products. One of her core aims is to create sustainable fashion in order to contribute positively to the environment. She makes fashion with sustainably sourced materials such as recycled materials and hand-cut fabrics. These are tailored yet unique products that are timeless additions to any wardrobe. Here the Chen Chen tells us a little more about her brand. 

What's something that makes your brand unique?
Chenchen Studio was established during my second year of university. I believe, being open-minded towards sharing my design ideas with others and putting the focus on the fun details of my garments makes my brand unique. Studying fashion pattern cutting at London College of Fashion aided me in creating special and unusual patterns for my garments. Each Chenchen Studio garment is handmade in London, sustainable, exquisite and delicate – the brand’s unique signature.

What is your bestselling style?

My bestselling style would be the 3-Layer Organza Black Shirt. However, I believe that every garment can represent our identity, and garments are people’s second skin. People choose garments based on their identity and personality. On the other hand, the designer's identity is related to their design works too. There are two key ways to show identity through fashion that affect all my designs. One way is through silhouette, affected by movement or fit. The other is the contrast of light, creating dark and light colour details.

What are the ethical values your brand stands for?

Chenchen Studio products are sustainable, made using recycled materials and hand-cut fabrics, with each piece handmade in the UK. The goal of our brand, is to create and sustain flourishing ecosystems and communities through its activity.

What's one thing you're looking forward to in 2021?
There isn’t anything special I’m looking forward to in particular! At this moment, I’m enjoying making a new collection during lockdown – stay tuned for new designs coming soon! 

We're sure that you are going to want to know more about this exciting brand so come and meet Chen Chen on Friday 22th January at 3pm where she will be going live on our Instagram to show us all the behind the scenes of Chenchen Studio and for a Q&A session.

Hope you enjoyed getting to know the designer behind Chenchen Studio. But that's not all. We're telling more brands stories every day from the 13-28 Jan here and on our Instagram. Check out the full schedule of brands here.  

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