Let's Get Physical: Empowerment Through Sport


Feeling empowered through pushing yourself and the athletes changing the face of the sporting industry

You might think sports and fashion are an unlikely combo. Being all read and sweaty doesn’t necessarily shout ‘fashionista’. However, we beg to differ, we believe the two go hand in hand. With the recent rise of streetwear trends and athleisure, the crossover between fashion and sports is now more relevant than ever... apart from in the 80s maybe.  Do we ever see Gigi Hadid wandering round New York in anything but leggings (and a Starbucks iced latte)?


But we’re interested in more than just why sportswear looks and feels so good. We’re interested in why it’s good for you and for the planet. That’s why we’ve created the best sports store you’ve ever seen - full of sustainable sportswear that has your best interests at heart. 

We believe the power of sportswear lies in what it allows you to do. By putting your body to the test you feel that sense of achievement when you succeed. Those endorphins flowing through your body. That unstoppable feeling, because you can do anything!

We’re interested in how sports makes you feel empowered. Which is why we thought we wouldn’t harp on about it too much ourselves, we’d let the experts do the talking.

Fitness brand Kymira have revolutionised the sportswear industry by creating an activewear brand that not only monitors your body’s movements but aids your recovery time to reduce all aches and pains following your workout. They work closely with a team of athletes to put their technology to the test. We spoke to some of those athletes about how and why they feel empowered through what they do.

Meet the Athletes

Jaz Isoyama - Heavyweight lifter

Jaz is 4th out of the top 8 women qualifiers for the best British Female Weightlifter. She has competed at the Olympics and doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon. Jaz found her passion through her sport and hasn’t looked back since. She’s not only physically stronger, but mentally, and a whole lot happier too.

“I used to be in the British Army. For 8 years I served and there was a point where I was very over weight and was close to failing basic fitness tests. I wanted to get fitter to make a good impression for a promotion course coming up. So I started getting into the gym, running and training. I started getting good at running and a friend suggested running a marathon.  I’m very much the type of girl that if I have a goal I’ll put 100% into it. I then found weights and crossfit and powerlifting. I went to multiple international competitions within powerlifting and broke a fair few records! To which I then and finally have found Olympic Weightlifting which I have a huge huge passion for. I love training it and I love coaching people in it. It  makes me really happy!”


Lizi Duncombe - Triathlete, winner of the Ironman Argentina

Staying motivated is something everyone faces in their day to day life. Lizi has a few tips on how she keeps going.

“Things get tough quite regularly in triathlon. Particularly ones as long distance as an Ironman which consists of 3.8k Swim - 180km bike and a marathon all within the 17 hours cut off time.

One thing you have to accept is there is a lot out of your control such as the climate, your bodily reaction to the distance and the people around you. Therefore you just have to become really good at controlling the things in your power such as keeping your head strong. Mechanical issues happen all the time and you just have to be experienced enough to keep going. I had a puncture in the Ironman Argentina, causing me to drop from 1st to 2nd place. It gave me the fire to chase it back. Once I was back on the bike. I kept my goal in mind and kept on pushing and managed to regain 20 minutes. I won gold in that race. Going all the way to Argentina on my own was one of the scariest things I’ve done but turned out the be one of the highlights of my life.”


Nikki Love - Adventure runner, 2x Guiness World Record Breaker

Ran 63 marathons in 63 days, next she’ll be running from one end of Australia to the other. 

Supporting and working together makes us stronger.

The amount of commitment, determination, ambition, bravery, resilience that it takes to achieve in sport (and in life) is not determined by gender it is determined by passion. Women who go out there and do their best and be their best should be recognised, respected for their accomplishments. As women, let’s cheerlead, let’s support, let’s champion our fellow women, let’s show the importance of equality and it will happen.  It is one of my reasons for visiting and including primary school students on my adventures – they are seeing what a woman can do.”

Come and meet Nikki at our Female Empowerers evening. 


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