A Sustainable Week In Fashion: Fashion Revolution X Earth Day 

Lone Design Club connects the world to ethical, independent, fashion brands on a mission to take control and shape the future of retail. Plain And Simple and Atelier Roc join the Club on that mission, promoting slow fashion practices and sustainable fabrics.   

Fashion Revolution 
From Monday 18th-Sunday 24th April 2022, Fashion Revolution rethinks a fair and equal fashion system for people and the planet. This year's theme for Fashion Revolution Week is MONEY FASHION POWER.

The fashion industry is built upon the exploitation of labour and natural resources. Fast fashion companies and big brands produce too much inventory, and draw consumers into a toxic cycle of overconsumption, resulting in waste and an alarming carbon footprint. Meanwhile, the people who make retail products are severely underpaid and already feel the affects of climate crisis.  

As consumers and global inhabitants, we have the power to take action. Fashion Revolution brings attention to issues in the retail world, and aims for a  regenerative, restorative and revolutionary new fashion system. 

Everyday Is Earth Day
At Lone Design Club, everyday is Earth Day. Through promoting sustainable, independent brands and slow fashion, we aim to change the way the world shops.

We know that by following our values through good business practice, and by striving to constantly do better, we can help improve the industry and support global efforts to minimise the impact of our business on the environment.

We make sure that our sustainability and values are shared between us and every brand we promote, assigning each one to 1 or more of our 3 distinct values. Symbols show each brand’s values of sustainability, ethical practice and other social elements.

Brand Spotlight: Local London brands at LDC

Gung Ho: Gung Ho's collections are not just handmade locally using sustainable fabrics, but they also weave more meaning into the prints by illustrating particular environmental issues.

Cinta The Label: Using sustainable fabrics like bamboo cotton, Cinta the Label works on small runs and seasonal drops with a no waste policy based right here in the United Kingdom. 

Brand Spotlight: Brands Supporting Communities at LDC

Bottletop: Bottletop crafts bags from upcycled bottle tops in Kenya, while supporting artisans and funding health education in Africa.

Asime: Created using Ghanaian textiles and repurposed second hand denim, Asime strives for the growth of female led enterprises and donates profits to Dream Big Ghana NGO. 

See LDC's Instagram for more information about our mission to change the future of retail. View other club members, like Atelier Roc and Plain and Simple on the full schedule  of brands here.  

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