Leggings that can take you from the boardroom to the summit of Snowdonia? Yes, please.

Stronger together = Better together



Empowerment is always a hot topic in the LDC HQ, and needless to say, the core of our ethos. We want to empower and encourage strong women to be the best they can be and to do anything and everything! For our upcoming SPORT store we’re interested in the physical strength and power of women and the strong materials used to create withstanding clothes that will take them on their journey. We’re acknowledging the difference in the biology of women’s bodies, that we have to work with constant changes to be the best we can be. That’s why we’re interested in sports brands that are there to support our changes. Brands like Kymira with their sports technology - for women to improve blood circulation, efficiency of respiration and even monitor your unborn baby.


Our LDC SPORT store is for women on the go who need long lasting, functional clothing and don’t want to sacrifice style. We’ve discovered the best under the radar brands to provide you with great quality clothing that will not only last you a lifetime, but enhance and support you on getting the most out of your active lifestyle. We encourage you to delve into the story behind the designer, discover something that you won’t see anyone else wearing when you turn up at yoga AND is better for the environment. We believe that our designers are stronger together, just as we all are. To further encourage the empowerment movement we’re introducing the LDC BOOTCAMP, to unite and motivate one another, to be stronger, to be a team, to work together with each other. Featuring a series of fitness classes led by professional athletes and influencers. Put the activewear to the test, see for yourself just how amazing this innovative sports technology is.


We believe in the strength of our materials to create long lasting and functional clothes that look good. These items are way more sustainable, one pair of leggings will take you from yoga and brunch to climbing the summit of Snowdonia. Good quality clothing is worth the investment and a better sustainable choice long term. If you don’t have to constantly replace a pair of cheap leggings that fall apart after a couple of wears, your reducing the amount of waste being expelled into the environment. Discover instore designer Leo and I, the high quality leggings are designed to enhance and sculpt the female figure, created using high-performance Italian fabrics with luxurious Italian silk jersey, soft Nappa leather and silk is unique. Creating something for everyone, Leo and I have a maternity range that makes it possible to discreetly breastfeed in their tops and sports bras and leggings that have built in lumbo-pelvic support.


Wear your Leo and I leggings to our LDC BOOTCAMP: Pilates in the Park, led by professional triathlete and pilates instructor, Lizi Duncombe, who won gold competing in the IRONMAN in Argentina. Lizi has completed some amazing things and has her sights set on even bigger targets. Bring your girl gang, enjoy a pilates class, meet our inspiring athlete AND enjoy a healthy brunch!


Discover brand Kymira in store, using infrared technology, powered by progress, to monitor your body’s productivity and aid your recovery period. Kymira works closely with athletes to create high tech and innovative materials to help you achieve your best. Find out what it’s like to be a GB athlete from adventure running, mountain biking, tennis pros, paralympians and IRONMEN (or women) who will be leading the LDC BOOTCAMP classes. Get into the team spirit and feel supported by one another. Meet the athletes and get inspired.


Invincia - A tennis wear brand with intricate textile designs to stand out on the court. Inspired by the goddess of invincibility, designer Olivia believes that tennis is a sport for both the mind and body. Feeling invincible when you’re playing a match is crucial to success. In starting her brand, Olivia faced a number of difficulties, however, the more difficulties she faced, the more she was inspired to strive for what she wanted to achieve. Her one-of-a-kind designs make the wearer stand out on the court and feel empowered. Being independent and having creative control over the outcome of her designs, she has chosen to ethically and sustainably produce her products, with small quantities and a focus on slow fashion. The fabrics contain sweat-wicking, two-way stretch, quick-drying and anti-pilling qualities which are designed specifically for high performance and durability, to last for years!



A little something for everyone, if fitness isn’t your forte, there’s no reason to miss out. We’re calling upon badass women from everywhere to feel empowered and join in the movement.

We work damn hard and we know we do, so let’s celebrate it.

We have created an evening to hear the amazing stories from some women who have achieved great things. From Nikki Love an adventure runner who, at the age of 50, has broken the Guinness World Record of most consecutive marathon distances run by a woman, running 63 marathons in 63 days. And she’s not stopping there! This August, Nikki will be embarking on her next journey, attempting another Guinness World Record, running across Australia. From Cottesloe, Perth to Bondi beach, Sydney. Approximately 4,000kms in 63 days breaking the current record is 67 days and has been held by a man for the past 17 years. Nikki runs for health and self love, finding the amazing things she can do with her body inspires her entire lifestyle, she chases adventure, love, health and happiness. By breaking these records, Nikki proves to herself that she is an unstoppable force. Joining the discussion will be a selection of our designers, empowered business women who have broken boundaries to create a one-of-a-kind brand, starting from nothing to create something no one else is doing.


Visit the above brands + more in our South Molton Street store. Find out more here.

See the full events listing here + book your tickets now. Take advantage of 10% off with code BLOG10

Shop online 24/7 at www. lonedesignclub.com

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