Technology is Fast Becoming Fashion's Future

By Amanda Fullalove, Events + Partnerships Manager

This Fashion Week, Lone Design Club is taking you on an immersive journey to showcase innovation and technology in a move to make the fashion industry more open and sustainable.  

It has largely been commented in the past few months that fashion is due an upheaval. The industry has been largely criticised in terms of environmental issues and inclusivity with all eyes turning to Fashion Week to address this change. In the struggle to stay relevant during a global pandemic, an industry based on luxury has looked towards many pathways to captivate its hungry audience. Although it was hard to impress, digital has become the forefront of fashion, creating an opportunity for fashion to be accessible to the masses, but can it replace the physical value that Fashion Week aims to bring? For many brands this has taken form in video presentations, but has often fallen flat with onlookers commenting, "basically a music video". This Fashion Week, Lone Design Club are using their platform to showcase the conversations we should be having. In partnership with award winning digital retail agency, Holition, LDC is excited to bring you its first ever digital exhibition.

The LDC Concept Store turns into a gallery space, showcasing our latest 'INTERTWINED FUTURES' Exhibition, an immersive digital experience revealing a data visualisation from LFW2018 around conversations from the time in a bid to make London Fashion Week relevant to the masses. Now in 2020, you can discover new technologies designed to provoke individual commitment to sustainable behaviour. See the conversations of the past and help catalyse the change for a more positive future.

Holition shapes the future of consumer experiences in the fashion and beauty industry by humanising technology. Part think-tank, part digital studio, Holition is a synthesis of retail experts, scientists, film-makers, artists, mathematicians, UX designers, technologists and other curious minds applying their cross-discipline knowledge to deliver innovation. Their Creative team combine skills across analogue and digital design to navigate challenges.

Holition began as a desire to understand the future role of digital within a luxury the luxury world more predicated towards the physical than the digital world of online and experiential. In an industry fixated on the weight of the label a garment wears or the quality of its stitching, the digital realm can be considered too impersonal to communicate exact value. In a world now that it still shadowed by a global pandemic, luxury shopping has shifted its focus online, with shoppers taking a gamble at whether or not their product will fit or the quality and focus. We're challenging consumers to rethink that by bringing the world of digital experience direct to our store.

Holition follows the LDC mindset of being an immersive omnichannel platform. Not undervaluing the appreciation of being able to see and touch the product that you are buying, but highlighting the accessibility of digital and how this can take the industry further into the future. Our partnership not only aims to give independent designers more power and make fashion more accessible, it also aims to generate necessary conversations around climate change and the environment. 

This September, Holition launches their latest project "Intertwining Futures", a mobile app designed to provoke individual commitment to sustainable behaviour. It was created following research by IPCC has shown that 2020 will be a pivotal year for us to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. It is stated that “global emissions of carbon dioxide must peak by 2020 to keep the planet below 1.5C”. However, concern has risen that governments and organisations are not on track to meet this goal. This app enables individuals to take matters into their own hands in order to make positive changes for the future. 

"The Intertwined Futures app that we are launching brings the conversation of climate change to the wider community through an augmented reality enabled experience, which gives individuals a chance to understand and personally alter their relationship with nature. This augmented reality experience addresses fundamental issues that matter to us - one is around sustainability and the climate emergency, and second is digital, and how technology can be used to encourage exploration, discovery and create meaningful interactions." Jonathan Chippendale, CEO of Holition.

This AR experience is launching on the App Store at London Fashion Week between 16th - 29th September 2020 in partnership with Lone Design Club. For more details regarding the launch, and to join the global conversation around Intertwined Futures, come and experience it for yourself as part of our immersive experience this fashion week. 

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