LDC Takes Black Friday Back in Support of Independent Brands

By Phoebe J Carney, Contributor

During the usual stampede to grab the perfect gift or find the ultimate bargain that defines Black Friday, we intend to shift our focus to a more mindful and ethical way of consuming.

The mass overconsumption and high demand for sale items that occurs during this dark November day leaves employees overworked and underpaid. Not only are retail workers exhausted, and often physically injured, the people involved in each section of the supply chain are pushed to reach extreme levels of production without much reward.

All our brands are small and independent, which means they have a very limited supply chain that cannot cope with the demand of Black Friday. The annual mass discount day is an opportunity for large companies to get rid of unsold stock, whereas smaller brands such as ours produce less, and often on demand, quantities in order to ensure there are no wasted products. By putting a sale price on their items, smaller brands lose out on money that is needed to fairly pay their workers and to use the materials that make their products ethical and sustainable.

Here are a few ways you can become a more conscious consumer this holiday season (without completely emptying your bank account):

Research brands
Looking into the supply chain of the companies you’re buying from will ensure that you know where and how their items are produced, which will give you an understanding of whether you are shopping sustainably or not. 

Shop independent
People are struggling more than ever this year, and smaller brands need the support of their community to keep going. As well as this, you will receive a far more personal and unique gift that can be enjoyed for yourself or shared with loved ones.

Buy less and buy better
The higher the quality of an item or piece of clothing, the longer it will last; and as a result, the less waste is produced. If you invest in what you buy, there won’t be the need to continually update and restock your wardrobe and home. Items with longevity save money in the long run. 
Go all-natural
By only buying products that are made with 100% natural and organic materials, you can be confident in the knowledge that in purchasing these products you aren’t contributing to environmental damage, or any damage to your skin that could occur as a result of harmful toxins. Natural products also involve less plastic packaging and therefore reduce the rate of pollution.

Shop locally 
Not only does this support your community, it means less travel to ship items and consequently a reduced rate of Co2 emissions.

A survey in 2017 said that the majority of consumers in the UK were disappointed with Black Friday due to the hype surrounding it, which highlights how this chaotic and convoluted bundle of sales lures customers in with enticing discounts and fails to leave them feeling satisfied.

Along side the protection of our workers and the environment, we also want to do our best to discourage overconsumption for the sake of overconsumption. By taking part in Black Friday and urging our customers to spend money they might not necessarily have with all-too-tempting sale prices, we would go against everything that our brands stand for.

Let’s make the run-up to Christmas this year a chance to draw attention to what really matters and help get the world back on its feet.

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