Introducing our Latest Press Partner - Mess Magazine

With amazing brands joining the website and plenty of engaging events and experiences lined up, the club continues to bring you new and exciting things this May. We are so pleased to make yet another exciting announcement, introducing our official press partner for this month: MESS MAGAZINE

MESS MAGAZINE is a distinctive fashion magazine, involving streamlined fashion and culture with involvement from over 2000 artistic and proficient photographers, writers and stylists who have been published in their 10 past issues to over 14 countries in print. With incentive and authentic content supported by the production team of Condé Nast, MESS MAGAZINE reached global recognition in publishing both in print and online.

MESS has had the pleasure of working with brands such as Moschino and Chanel on their cover editorials as well as a variety of emerging fashion designers featured in the most important fashion weeks, including the ones at London, Milan, Paris, NYC, and LA. Fashion weeks they have collaborated with include over 13 international fashion weeks, covering both backstage and first rows of exciting designers’ shows such as Elie Saab, Alexander Vauthier, Dior, Chanel, YSL, and many more. 

Their latest issue, SUSTAINABLE X CONSCIOUS, features interviews with real evangelists of the sustainable fashion movement, including distinctive British designer Patrick McDowell, a nominee of the sustainability award announced by Anna Wintour. The issue also features CEOs and founders of big lifestyle, luxury, and beauty companies such as CEO of Canva, Melanie Perkins, CEO of Quintessentially, Anastasia Seebohm, CEO of 99 designs, Patrick Llewelyn, etc, inspiring readers on their views of sustainability and business.

Here are a few words from Domi Perek, Founder, Creative Director and Editor-in-Chief of MESS MAGAZINE, on the latest issue:

“I believe that sustainability is the next thing in the global fashion movement. This issue features influencers, companies, fashion designers and individuals, which support sustainability, as well as conscious consumerism. Since our planet suffered greatly, a lot of people started to care about what we can do about it - how we can change it, by shifting the mindset first, then strategically creating a plan of how to help ourselves, our businesses and eventually by doing so, influence the rapid changes happening on Earth and possibly create a movement, which can inspire many to CARE. We do care about the environment, all stakeholders, from our employees to everyone in our community, so forth we believe in starting the conversation between everyone featured in the issue and YOU, our readers. This issue’s dedicated to raising awareness in the fashion industry - Creatives to and for Earth. Enjoy issue 12!”


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Can't wait to see Mess Magazine's features on our brands, you can discover our designer stories and shop their collections, here

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