June Favourites

By Caroline L. Hamar, Contributor

So I guess we’re half way through the year now. Time has flown by and still, the majority of us are working from home although that will all change soon. Some of us are having to go back into the real world, or should I say we’re putting our masks on and venturing out into this new normal. Perhaps we should kick off by discussing one of my essential June favourites – masks!

First let’s explore what Lone Design Club has on display. SABINNA has created a gorgeous assortment of face masks that have the most beautiful designs. Just because you have to cover your face doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish! Rather than seeing this as a nuisance I ask everyone to take this as a challenge. Have fun with it! Make face masks your new everyday staple. What I love about SABINNA’s prints are that they are unique and fun! The masks are also made from 100% natural fibres! And how could I forget to mention that they are also washing machine friendly. After all, what we don’t want to be doing is creating more unnecessary waste. For me this product is a must have!

Another great option for those of you who like DIY is to make your own! In May, LDC hosted a live event where Yumi, the founder of Yoroshiku 4649 gave an exclusive tutorial on how to create your own mask! But do not fret, it was all recorded so if you fancy having a go then head over to our site, order the kit and follow the tutorial.

Now, I love to pamper myself and one of my favourites this month just has to be MiiN Cosmetics. Inspired by Korean beauty rituals, MiiN offers a large collection of skincare products, ranging from your feet to your face! They even offer a mask for your bum – yes, you heard me right, your bum! Well, let me tell you I was shocked when I saw this but then I thought “why not?” After all, every part of your body deserves some love! I guess MiiN really took the expression “as smooth as a baby’s bum” to heart! Another favourite of mine is MiiN’s Pha Peeling Gel for your face. It helps to get rid of all that dead and dry skin leaving you feeling refreshed and ready for the day. It is also suitable for sensitive skin which I think is great as often times exfoliators are just too harsh but that is not an issue with this product.

Of course, this blog wouldn’t be complete without discussing some of my fashion favourites! Who says you can’t use your daily round of exercise as a way to flaunt your new style? So, this month I have been loving some fits designed by The Letter. Mohammed Rabi, founder and designer of The Letter, was inspired by the diverse Californian culture and rich film scene of the 70s. The brand offers a lovely selection of jackets and shirts. One of their coolest pieces has to be the women's painted flame jacket which adds a statement to any outfit. It's perfect if you want to jazz up your style and is also super comfortable. Their cinema reel Hawaiian shirt is another one of my favourites even if it is in the men's section which I find to be classy and cool at the same time. I know it's in the men's section but honestly a shirt's a shirt and I think this piece is great for everyone. 

Another essential during the summer time are sunglasses! Hong Kong brand Big Horn recently won the MUSE Design Award 2020, the award design is their latest fashion creative collection inspired by the Chinese minority nationality costumes. Featuring these designs in three styles of eyewear with added Swarovski stones Big Horn are becoming statement makers in sunglasses. My personal pick for June is the purple framed Rai+S sunglasses. The almost floral and most definitely bright frame is perfect for the summertime and will compliment any outfit. They may seem to be a bit “out there” but that’s what summer is all about!

So, those are just a few of my June favourites. It is important that each and every day you do something that makes you feel good. If you want to dress up and flaunt your new fashion pieces on your daily walk then do it! No one can judge you and let me tell you I bet you’ll feel and look amazing for it. On the other hand, if you would rather put on a face mask at the end of a busy day at work then enjoy it. Take care of yourselves and your minds!