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Everyday this week we will be posting a guest blog from one of our incredible designers. Discover Dutch brand, Senscommon below!
Re-set is for those moving in a fast-pace, crossing time-zones with ease. 
We speed up and slow down, confusing our natural rhythms with late nights and lost sleep. Out-of-tune with our bodies; we experience jet lag. To ease the effects of this modern-day disorder Senscommon designed a pack of simple, unisex accessories exploring the natural powers of smart materials such as merino wool, Tencel™ and activated charcoal.


For years considered merely a state of mind, jet lag is a self-inflicted condition that no thing can cure – except time and sunlight. Senscommon studied that regulating warmth and pressure on skin can have a calming effect on us - like a full-on hug, and designed a set of products that contribute to sensory wellbeing and mood.

Innovative unisex wearables such as re-cover merino wear and re-fresh socks reveal qualities that restore our balance: head-to-toe essentials to beat the jet lag.

Travel-proof merino wool body warmers regulate your unstable body temperature, while ultra-soft Tencel™ fibers boast greater odor and moisture control. A re-set face mask from organic skincare brand Madara is added to the line-up for its active-charcoal qualities - recharging the skin with new energy. It renews skin cells, reduces fine lines and removes pollution buildup.  

Re-set brings us back to a baseline from which we can synchronize our natural body rhythms - an innovative design project stressing the importance of smart, natural materials for the future of mobility and well-being. Beat modern-day travel and tiredness, while still taking advantage of all its joys. 

If your interested in learning more Senscommon will be doing an IG LIVE, with style guru Giulio Beltramo, this Saturday at 3pm. 

Discover Senscommon and more online at

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