Introducing LDC Care Packages: The Stay at Home Solution

Whether lockdown for you has consisted exclusively of back-to-back Netflix, heroic work on the frontline, or anything in between, to quote every email in your inbox, times have been ‘unprecedented’. For so many of us, the pandemic has meant separation from friends, family and loved ones. Social distancing, however, does not mean we have to be socially distant. Through social media, we are now more connected than ever. Sometimes, though, Zoom just isn’t enough! That’s why here at Lone Design Club we have launched a couple of special care packages for you and your nearest and dearest. The perfect combination of kind and conscious, we have two care packages for you to choose from.

Whilst you await the much anticipated girl gang extravaganza post-lockdown, why not give each other a little self-care boost? Our “Send a Little Love” LDC Care Package is the perfect pick-me-up to show your loved ones that you are thinking of them. More than just a goodie-bag, this care package is the key to relaxation and positivity. Each package contains an Elm Rd Candle to alleviate stress and promote good energy, a Bubu Skincare lip pumping mask which will boost your spirits as well as your lips and two Asime Scrunchies so that you can pull back your hair and get ready to indulge in utter bliss. These thoughtful gifts are not only feel-good but also do good. Everything from the materials used in the candles to the up-cycled off cut fabrics used for the scrunchies respects our LDC ethical, sustainable and conscious values. So sit back, relax and enjoy because every day is self-care day with our “Send a Little Love” care package!  

Although the first few days of working from home in pyjamas were a blast, by week six the novelty has worn off. Many of us are suffering from a total lack of motivation but fear not - LDC has got you covered. “The Sustainability Starter Pack” is a collection of essentials to kickstart your journey towards a more conscious existence. Take on the day armed with your Neon Kactus Reusable Glass Coffee Cup, get used to flaunting your Agnes LDN handmade grocery bags at the supermarket on your lunch-run and cleanse away any stresses at the end of the day using your Agnes LDN Organic Cotton Rounds. Now that we have more time on our hands than ever, we have the opportunity to consider what really matters: our friends, families and the planet. Encourage and inspire with “The Sustainability Starter Pack” because days are better when you take care of yourself and the world around you.

Whichever care package you choose, your loved ones are guaranteed to get a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that you are thinking of them. Be sure to leave a personalised message reminding them just how special they are to you and we will handwrite them a card to send along with your gift. Spread love, not germs!


Contributed by Cordelia Speed

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