Sustainable fashion is ever-evolving in the industry and is at the forefront of what we stand for at LDC. This season we have introduced some amazing new international brands to the club- all of which have an innovative approach to sustainability, using different materials and fabrics from across the world. Sevda, Big Horn, Thread and Tonic and The Letter all create the perfect piece to invest in for your wardrobe. 

Who are Sevda?

Our new international brand Sevda are a sustainable fashion accessory brand who bring together elegant modern beauty and sustainability within each of their products. 

The brands 3 main principles are conscious design, high artisan quality and responsible sourcing. From scarves to bags, all their products are driven by the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production, motivating us profoundly to set the highest standards across our supply chain. Sevda ensure they design their products with a sense of timelessness and the longevity in mind with the quality of manufacture, whilst being completely transparent to their customer. 
Sevda products combine the classy, fashion-forward London designs with truly “Made in Italy” products, using only the highest quality with traditional hand crafted techniques, along with bespoke hardware for leather handbags made with solid brass with a touch of gold, in Italy.

Who are Big Horn?

Big Horn are a unisex, sustainable sunglasses brand based in Hong Kong, the vision of the brand is 'designed for you, designed for people'.

The eyewear has a combination of western design concepts and skills, combined with Chinese culture. The brand merges the importance of the environment whilst also still recognising that we live in a trend driven society and people want newness in their wardrobe.

So, designer, Kevin Ching, decided that all sunglasses in Big Horn's collections are to be made of 100% sustainable, bio-degradable or recycled materials. The designer says that 'Gen Z is one of our main target customers and they are our future. If they love what we are doing and understand about sustainability, ethics, and our social responsibility, they will follow and create same atmosphere to make the same philosophy.'

Who are Thread & Tonic?

Thread and Tonic are a bags and accessories brand who carefully balance combinations of timeless craftsmanship, modern technology and research. Thread and Tonic are as much about lifestyle and product as they are materials and technology and have a team of designers, technicians, researchers and artisans who all have a mission to protect our planet. The brand have carefully crafted their own Italian Pure Leather, a leather recipe which is eco-friendly and biodegradable with none of the nasty chemicals. All of the hardware is made from nickel free, Green Leaf certified, recycled zinc. Their packaging is custom-made by GF Smith using recycled coffee cups and linings are custom developed and made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Also, all their products come with a lifetime warranty!

Who are The Letter?

The Letter are a Dubai based luxury brand who specialise in contemporary leather jackets. The Letter founder & designer Mohammed Rabi draws inspiration from the diverse Californian culture & rich film scene of the 70s. Incorporated hand-painted emblems in the form of signature flame & palm tree symbols, the designer’s line-up of high-end leather & suede jackets resonate with the contemporary style connoisseur. The brand focuses on making their products timeless and say sustainability means learning to preserve and watch what you buy and by carefully crafting their items they know that their jackets can be worn for multiple seasons and can be hung in the closet for a lifetime and can even be passed down generations.

These four new international, sustainable brands are the perfect addition to our club and all have amazing products which will make the perfect staple pieces for everyones wardrobes and we cant wait to see you wearing their pieces!

Hope you enjoyed getting to know our new international sustainable brand. But that's not all. We're telling more brands stories every day here and on our Instagram. Check out the full schedule of brands here.  

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