I'mdividual - Wardrobe Essentials for the Conscious Modern Woman

Discover I’mdividual, a brand that offers wardrobe essentials for the conscious modern woman. 

I’mdividual is a contemporary womenswear brand based in the UK, which celebrates sustainability without compromising on style. They offer core wardrobe essentials — interchangeable and classic key styles, in 100% natural organic fabrics, designed for comfort, longevity and versatility. Each piece of the collection can be easily incorporated into any woman’s existing wardrobe and become the hardworking staple. 

As a brand, I'mdividual is committed to ethical production and transparency. They support organic cotton / wool farmers and producers, as all of their fabrics in the collection are certified organic (GOTS) or Oeko-Tex 100 and sourced from small mills in Europe. They design with circularity of each product in mind – therefore, they use only natural trims and all garments are stitched with organic cotton thread. They make everything at their ethical North London fashion studio, supporting local economy and community. 

“The Sustainable Fashion Collective: The Members’ Club” described their styles as — “unfussy, uncomplicated and, although are incredibly thought out, they don't look "sustainable". 

"Having a fashion brand was a long-life dream of mine, however life took me in different directions – so after completing two university degrees, moving three countries, working in industries far from fashion, marriage and two kids later I kept my dream alive by attending weekend and evening fashion and business courses in London. 

The further into research and study of the fashion industry I went, the more conscious I became of the overwhelmingly negative impact, both ethical and environmental, associated with much of the clothing industry. I realised that as a designer, and more importantly as a mother of two young daughters, the only way forward was to build a brand with ethics, integrity and total transparency. 

I finally took a plunge and launched I’mdividual in 2019." 

Discover I'mdividual and more online at www.lonedesignclub.com

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