From Recycled Bottles to Activewear. Meet Girlfriend Collective.  

Lone Design Club introduces you to our ethical activewear brand, Girlfriend Collective.
Find out why choosing Girlfriend Collective for your activewear is a better choice for the planet.

How the story began...
The inspiration for Girlfriend Collective started when founder Ellie Dinh couldn't find women's leggings that were made ethically. Discovering a market for more eco-friendly activewear she started Girlfriend Collective with her husband, creating a brand of product that is sustainably and ethically made.

When looking into sustainable fashion Ellie found many companies who would offer flashy headlines without substance. Girlfriend Collective believe it is important that they are completely transparent with their customers. To do this, Girlfriend Collective choose every part of their sourcing process, from raw materials, to manufacturing facilities. This is so they know what goes into every pair of Girlfriend Collective leggings that they sell!

Girlfriend collective's main aim is to reach a community of people who care about where their clothes come from, as much as how they look.

Activewear made from plastic bottles
Sustainability is at the forefront of how Girlfriend Collective runs. The brand makes material out of 100% post consumer plastic water bottles, which would have originally gone to landfill. The material is then used to produce your favourite Girlfriend Collective Bra or Bike Shorts, getting you to the gym with a guilt free conscience. 

All of Girlfriend Collective's textiles are made from recycled materials in a facility in Taiwan that specialises in eco-friendly and high-quality textiles, then cut-and-sewn in one of their partner facilities carefully chosen for their values and ethics. Girlfriend Collective work closely with their suppliers and use technology to make leggings from recycled fishing nets and tank tops from cupro, a delicate fiber made from waste the cotton industry leaves behind.
Their core factory is based in Hanoi, Vietnam- which has been SA8000 certified. This guarantees fair wages, safe and healthy conditions, and zero forced or child labor.

All of the Girlfriend Collective products are wrapped and sent in 100% recyclable packaging, making sure that the from concept to store the the product is sustainable and ethical.  

Another value the brand strongly believes in is being size inclusive. Girlfriend collective sizing starts at XXS to 6XL, making sure that everyone has the opportunity to buy into sustainable activewear.

A detail-orientated mindset
Girlfriend Collective is a company built on transparency. They have a detail-orientated mindset in each step of the business, from raw materials, to facilities to partners.

Ellie realised that high-end quality and fit does not come down to cost, but rather time. Her brand takes this time to create products that is so beautiful you will choose to wear it again and again.

By creating high quality, transparent product with longevity Girlfriend Collective UK are the perfect addition to Lone Design Club.

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