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Esther Knight designerFabric for Freedom is a womenswear label that celebrates carefree femininity. Based in London, it was founded by Esther Knight. Having a long history in fashion, Esther brought all she’d learnt from a career in buying to her own brand, with the addition of making it sustainable. Esther prioritises supporting local artisans and preventing the exploitation of workers. Having a more reasonable price and attainable point than most ethical, high end fashion brands, Esther hopes to lead by example and encourage others to follow in her footsteps.


We caught up with Esther before she joins us for our LFW concept store this February to tell us a little more about her inspirations and why she's gone green in fashion... 


Tell us a little about your brand

We are Fabric For Freedom a new conscious designed womenswear brand that hopes to bring change to the current fashion industry. With our bold shapes, trend led designs and being constantly surrounded by creativity in the bustling city of London, we have incorporated travel, fashion, lifestyle and art into each collection. 

After years of being surrounded by mass-produced, poor quality goods, made from unethical and exploitative means, Fabric For Freedom wanted to create something that finally fought for what is good in fashion. We need transparency. Fabric For Freedom was created to inspire, encourage and offer people an alternative. Our fabrics consist of organic and recycled materials, including ends of rolls. Products are all ethically produced in the U.K, where we guarantee fair wages and good working conditions. 


Ester Knight collection


Why have you chosen to partner with LDC?

Having enjoyed partnering with the LDC pop up event before we wanted to appear alongside like-minded brands. It is so important that consumers support independent designers and sustainable brands rather than shopping on the high street. 

LDC provides a spare where as a consumer you know you are getting well made, design led and sustainable fashion and accessories. 


What is your creative process for creating new pieces or collections?

Moodboards, I love a good moodboard. I collect anything and everything I find day to day to add to my ideas board. I go to exhibitions, museums and art galleries for space and time to think about collection pieces. I look at peoples street style and fashion week attires for new ideas and often interact with friends to see what they like. 


Fabric For Freedom


Was there a catalyst that sparked you to start your own label?

From working in the fashion industry as a buyer for some years I witnessed first hand the unethical practices. After years of being surrounded by mass-produced, poor quality goods, made from unethical and exploitative means, Fabric For Freedom wanted to create something that finally fought for what is good in fashion.

For too long, businesses have built supply chains to drive financial profits at the expense of people and the environment. Systematic exploitation remains rife, basic H&S measures do not exist, millions of workers live in poverty and with excessive hours, unpaid overtime, poor health, exhaustion, sexual harassment and slavery. It is evident practices need to change. 

We want to create something innovative, memorable and lasting, something we can leave for other generations.


What do you think is the biggest challenge you face as an independent designer?

I think brand awareness is the biggest struggle. Although we haven't been trading that long growth depends on how we can get our brand noticed. You can have the best well thought through idea but without backing and supporters it is hard to get your name out there without spending huge amounts on marketing. 










FabLondon Fashion Week Pop Upric for Freedom will be in our Soho store this London Fashion Week 13-26th Feb, 59 Greek Street, Soho, W1D 3DZ. Stop by to see the collection and meet Esther along with the other designers in-store daily.

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