Where are all the Female entrepreneurs? Right here!

Calling All Entrepreneurs, Have Faith in Yourself


Starting your business starts with you. With a belief in the product, design and ethos of a brand, anything is possible. There should be nothing that stops business growth, let alone the prejudices that groups often face when seeking support. Entrepreneurs can face cultural obstacles, and often have to defy stereotypes and break down social barriers. With a lack of female role models in business, it can be difficult for women to see the success that they can achieve through starting a business. 


A Forbes article, “Where Are All The UK’s Female Entrepreneurs?” raises awareness over the inequality of numbers of women in business and the lack of female entrepreneurs in comparison to men. But where exactly are all the female entrepreneurs and why aren't they being represented? It could be that women often face prejudice from colleagues and investors, especially considering the fact that large banks are male dominated with few women in leading positions. Women often feel they do not get taken seriously in their business proposals and get shot down before they even get the chance to prove themselves.

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The staggering statistics published in this article show the inequality female entrepreneurs face, only 9% of U.K. start up funding goes to women-led businesses. In 2019 this is almost unbelievable and certainly needs to change, and we believe it will change. 


Unfortunately, this article concludes with the tone that it is women’s lack of drive and courage that men have in business, and that if women were to have a more male like approach there would be more equal numbers of entrepreneurs in the UK. Erm... I don't think so! Are we really to believe that with all the strong females out there this should be the case? If anything, there is a call for encouragement to all female business women to continue fighting for equal recognition. Hopefully, what this article will highlight is the unfair power that banks and investors possess. With recognition comes change, by bankers investing in more female led business ventures and also the promotion of more women to create greater diversity in the boardrooms where these decisions are being made.



Forbes may ask where are all the UK's female entrepreneurs, and we have the answer... they're right here, baby. LDC is an entirely female run office, female-founded, and supporting a lot of female (+ a few male) led businesses. As such, LDC wants to support women and all types of people in getting their businesses started. The power of empowerment is not to be underrated. New brands and independent designers deserve the opportunity to sell themselves and market themselves. LDC provides designers with a means to promote their brands, through the online store and through various concept stores that spring up all over London (and now Milan) throughout the year. LDC proudly works with brands on a personal level with great involvement and genuine faith in its owner. Having this support and relationship between businesses helps both to grow but without the exclusion that many brands face by most luxury fashion platforms. LDC understands creating and running a small business, creating a community and an outreach opportunity.


These are issues that will be discussed at our upcoming event: UNLOCK YOUR POTENTIAL. With experienced entrepreneurs, business professionals and industry experts, this discussion will provide some key advice and motivational sentiments for all of you wanting to rise up, fight back and be recognised for the glorious goddesses (and gods!) that you are. 


Lone Design Club Pop Up


Key details: 25th February, 6pm - 9pm

59 Greek Street, Soho

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