Conflict of Ego - Visions for the Future

By Cordelia Speed, Contributor

Northerner turned Londoner Alanna Wain founded Conflict of Ego due to personal frustration with the repetition and monotony of the High Street. A forward-thinker by nature, Alanna decided to create something that has a meaning and is ahead of the curve in its commitment to the environment.  

Finding each other 2020 style, Lone Design Club’s Founder and CEO, Rebecca Morter, and Alanna started chatting on Instagram and immediately connected. As Rebecca explains, “I loved Alanna’s vision with COE, using the brand as a commentary and voice for society, politics and feminism”. Their shared love for sustainable and ethical fashion saw them embark on a journey together from their very first pop-up store in a Bricklane frozen yoghurt factory all the way to the streets of Milan and Shanghai. A brand with both the people and the planet at its heart, Conflict of Ego is an utterly perfect fit for Lone Design Club.

Conflict of Ego is a play on words, “we see ‘Ego’ as a positive and the idea that ‘We’ as an individual are on a journey through life which at times can feel conflicting and our ego can change. Just like our life plan!”, Alanna explains to me. It is this willingness to adapt to the evolving world that makes Conflict of Ego the perfect platform to explore meaning through clothing. A brand that is inherently reflective, Conflict of Ego is “inspired by socio-political movements”. The team is currently working on a project to challenge waste culture by collaborating with other artists and designers who share the same ethos. Conflict of Ego believes in “running a fair ship and fair business” and rather than claiming to be 100% sustainable, instead promises to stay loyal to their mission to “support slow fashion, opt for quality and be an advocate for this”. Always looking to improve themselves, they are also challenging their own internal development processes and up-cycling old samples and unused fabrics to create one of a kind pieces. Committed to lowering their carbon footprint, Alanna and her team are authentic advocates for sustainable fashion.

The Conflict of Ego community prove themselves to be equally caring for its wearers as for the planet. “Designed to empower”, Conflict of Ego is a true celebration of modern femininity. The pieces feature bold colours, prints and quirky cuts which encourage us to forget the rules and embrace our own individuality. Alanna feels most empowered when she sees people feeling good in her pieces, and as she says, “it’s about confidence and not being afraid to stand out!”. Steering away from the toxic nature of disposable fashion and fleeting trends, the industry is starting to recognise the value of individuality and opting for longevity, values which have always played an integral role at Conflict of Ego.

Mirroring each other’s ethics and values, Lone Design Club and Conflict of Ego are working together to create a brighter, better future for fashion. And the future is certainly looking bright for Conflict of Ego! Keep an eye out for new sustainable and up-cycled drops coming soon such as ‘Happy Skies’ in collaboration with mindfulness author and designer Diana Rikasari. Bursting with colour and individuality, a one of a kind piece from Happy Skies is the ultimate staple for summer and beyond!

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