Bleque - Reincarnation of Materials

This week, we sat down and asked Bleque about the importance of sustainability in their practices. Hear from Renata Negrão, creative director of Bleque.

Sustainability is at the heart of Bleque. From banana fibres, to our recycled packaging, working with the planet in mind is what motivates us and drives our business forward. Our shoes and bags are created from offcuts from the food industry ensuring a low environmental impact. Our innovative designs look to reflect nature and the communities that produce them. 

Unique Materials
From banana fiber to pineapple leaves, from discarded silk cocoons to fish skins, we believe with the right creativity natures offcuts can become new again. Our studio in Brazil epitomizes this creative process and has become a hub for supporting other brands on their journey to incorporating sustainable materials in their own work.

Reducing Waste
By reusing offcuts, we are not only able to reduce landfill but provide opportunities to local communities. In the Amazon basin for example, our suppliers are transforming fish skin into leather. A virtuous cycle, no longer do fishermen leave the discarded skin by the river to decompose and pollute the environment, instead we provide them with a valuable alternative income for their families.

Community Centered  
Bleque empowers communities across Brazil to be creative and explore new ways to harness and repurpose the natural resources at their disposal.The fish leather project has been awarded globally for its positive impact on the community and the environment. These initiatives have also led us to be regularly featured in the likes of Vogue, Elle and Bazar, proving that what’s good for the environment can also be very good for business!

Reincarnation Challenge
In three years we believe we have achieved a lot, however there is a lot more we believe we can still do. As one of the first truly sustainable brands in Brazil, a country which still views sustainability as an avant-garde movement, we would love our approach to enter the mainstream. For both the sustainability of our business and for the sustainability of our environment, it is important that our next mission is to scale and expand outside of our home territory. If you’d like to see Bleque in your market please connect to collaborate. 

Revolutionary Road
During Fashion Revolution Week we believe this moment provides us with a great opportunity to take a step back and ask whether we are part of the problem or part of the solution for sustainable fashion. Whether you are a consumer or a buyer in a top retailer, the current global health crisis and lockdown means we have some time to take stead and reimagine our supply chains and way we engage with fashion as a concept. Whether the revolution is today or too late, is still in our hands.

by Renata Negrão - Creative Director at Bléque


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