With our Behind the Brands: Deconstructing Slow Fashion evening on TOMORROW we sat down with one of our LDC regulars, Valentina  Karellas, to find out a little more about her luxury knitwear label and what she will be sharing at tomorrow's event.

What can guests expect to learn at the Behind the Brands evening on 13th Sept?

Making use of your old but loved knitted pieces by bringing them a new lease of life! Can't quite let go of those old knits? Good! You can fix any whole by showing it and celebrating its defects with fun bright visible mending tecniques. As well as this, demonstrating how knitted pieces are seamed together. 

Can you briefly talk us through the key elements of your production process?
Yes, it's a slow process, it starts with choosing the yarns for that particular season, making swatches on the knitting machine, many trials and calculations, then once a design is decided that's when each piece is knittwd, washed, steamed, flat dry, steamed again, then linked together, (which is like sewing), this is steamed again, as well as weighed to keep track of how much yarn is used.

What part of the process do you most enjoy? / What’s the most rewarding aspect?
I enjoy the swatching, this is where you have the Most fun, you get to experiment and a first of ideas come into light, most of the time what you have in mind comes out in unexpected ways, so there's always something new to discover. 

Valentina Karellas designer

How important do you think it is for shoppers to understand the processes that go behind the making of their purchases?
Most customers don't really understand what goes into each piece, even with large factories they go through the same process only it's to an industrial level, the amount of machines and skills needed take years of experience could establish the results of a fine quality finished product ready for the market.

Do you have any plans to change any elements of your production or add another line etc?
This method has been the only way knits can be produced, unfortunately there aren't any short cuts, the only thing I change is the yarns and the design, in fact this is the first season I am working with cashmere, it's super fine and very expensive, I'm sure customers will enjoy my latest knits. 


How do you decide on certain parts of your process?
Initially the plan was to use London based knitting factory, however as a small start up brand it is very difficult to get factories on board, as they spend a lot of time investing in your designs which is a high risk for them, so the process for me was simple, I'll have to make my own small workshop, this made it simpler in terms of design to make and becoming zero waste, this means I can control the whole process without worrying if my needs aren't being met.



To meet Valentina in person, learn how she creates her knitwear and how you can save yours please find out more and secure your last minute ticket here

Key Details:
When: 13th September, 6-9pm
Where: 59 Greek Street, London, W1D 3DZ 

Kindly sponsored by Most Wanted Wines  @mostwantedwines

Can't wait to see you there!



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