There is just over one week to go until our first Behind the Brands: Deconstructing Slow Fashion evening in our Soho store this London Fashion Week! We are SO excited to host demonstrations, presentations, mini-workshops and a designer "show & tell" from 8+ of our amazing LFW brands as they give you a unique glimpse into their lives, stories and creative process.  

In the countdown to the 13th September event, we caught up with founder and designer Lizzie Clark as she tells us a little more about her beautiful vintage silk clothing brand We-Resonate, and reveals what she will be offering at the event.  

We resonate fashion

What can guests expect to learn at the Behind the Brands event on 13th September?
Guests can learn the process of designing and creating our signature silk dresses. I'll be discussing the stories behind the prints, where they came from, the value of silk and the beauty of up-cycling.


we resonate homewear

Can you briefly talk us through the key elements of your production process?
I personally source each print, mainly silk scarves from around the UK and many from my collection built over my career as a printed textile designer, from living in New York and from travels worldwide. These story enriched silks are carefully hand washed and revitalised, then edited and composed based on tone or contrasting colours. This is a special process, where I use my knowledge and design history to make the dress feel complete, then I know it’s the right match. Sigita, my brilliant seamstress in South London who specialises in bespoke and high fashion work then hand makes the dresses with precision in her studio. Time is spent on perfect spaghetti straps, matching thread colours and making binding around the neckline to strengthen the silk and give the dress longevity. I work closely with Sigita on the placement and fabric consumption for minimum waste and the best look. Any waste is used to make silk cushions and other accessories.

What part of the process do you most enjoy? 
As a print designer by trade the joy of the mission to source beautiful prints is very fulfilling. It's also the people and places I get to know along the way that makes it feel like a community and I like supporting independent business owners. Handling the silk is also very special, with an instant sense of luxury; I enjoy juxtaposing the prints, playing with colour combinations and patterns.  When selling the dresses, there’s often that special one per customer that they’re drawn to. Because the dress style is so versatile and the silk drapes so well, the fit is often perfect too. When this customer has chosen us over mass produced fashion, that’s the ultimate reward.


we resonate fashion

How important do you think it is for shoppers to understand the processes that go behind the making of their purchases?
It’s invaluable. I believe clothing is an intrinsic part of our personalities and one that’s incredibly more satisfying if we feel more connected to that piece. This connection comes from appreciating its making and the amazing way the piece has come to life.

Do you have any plans to change any elements of your production or add another line etc?
I think I always knew that We-Resonate was more than a clothing brand. I’m currently researching how experiences can grow individuality and wellness, which is the catalyst of sustainable choices, in life and in fashion. I'm excited to hold the event with LDC on the 19th September 'The Rethink Gathering, inspiring a sustainable you. Talking wellness, fashion and work.' with specialist speakers within a specially curated ambience.


I’m also looking into renting the dresses from the website so customers can see if they really love and wear the piece before committing.  We’re entering a new sharing economy and I believe it’s the ultimate sustainability answer.

young British designers
How do you decide on certain parts of your process?
The silks I select have to be 30 years old if not older, because there’s a certain quality and design to them. They must also be a well-made material and have a beautiful design, whether simple or ornate. The We-Resonate dresses are a special collection, one that doesn’t drive a large profit, only a sustainable one for me to continue. Its important for me to support vintage buyers because they are the high class recyclers of our time.


To meet Lizzie in person, learn how she creates her silk dresses, learn the story behind the brand and the vintage finds and find out more about upcycling then please find out more and secure your ticket here

Key Details:
When: 13th September, 6-9pm
Where: 59 Greek Street, London, W1D 3DZ 

Kindly sponsored by Most Wanted Wines  @mostwantedwines

Can't wait to see you there!

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