As we gear up for our FIRST Behind the Brands: Deconstructing Slow Fashion evening we sat down with the founder and jeweller behind KAB jewellery to find out a little more about what she will be sharing on the evening and get a glimpse behind the scenes of how she creates her beautiful jewellery. 

Join us this London Fashion Week as we take an exclusive backstage look into the worlds of our designers on Thursday 13th September. Discover how they create their products with live demonstrations, hear their unique stories and learn how to create and customise your own pieces. We're so excited to share this event with you! 

On the evening Katherine Brunacci from KAB jewellery will be demonstrating the first stages of lost wax carving process used to create her pieces, and will be giving guests the opportunity to design their own Medallion under her expert guidance.  
KAB Jewellery designer
Can you briefly talk us through the key elements of your production process?
Our process begins with research and design. Most pieces are one of a kind variations on a theme. We are particularly inspired by Medieval, Greek and Roman antiquities. It is important to us that we create modern treasures that reflect elements from a historical beginning. Lots of drawing and models are made as the initial production process.

As our head designer and jeweller I then takes these concept designs and creates prototypes. If these prototypes are successful a very small limited series is manufactured all in our London workshop.

All gemstones used in our pieces are ethically sourced by me, a qualified gemologist.

What part of the process do you most enjoy?
I most enjoy when a new design has just been successfully completed. The buzz that I get when drawings become reality and looks good is thrilling.
Most rewarding, When I can speak to clients about my jewellery and they understand the work and appreciate the jewel. I’m passionate about my craft and my label. When this passion is felt by others, nothing beats it!
How important do you think it is for shoppers to understand the processes that go behind the making of their purchases?

For me this is key. I think people would be shocked with the reality and repercussions of buying throwaway fashion and accessories. One of my favorite quotes is “Buy well, buy less”. LDC promote our unique stories so well. It is brilliant having such a supportive community as LDC within in the fashion world.

Katherine KAB Jewellery

Do you have any plans to change any elements of your production or add another line etc.?
We are currently working on adding to our Medallion collection, which was just launched in July.

How do you decide on certain parts of your process, e.g. do you select manufacturers based on ethical considerations, what are the criteria when sourcing materials?
The majority of our manufacture is done in house in London. Casting is outsourced, also to a London based caster. If we could do this in house we definitely would!!
It is very important to us that the gemstones we use are all ethically mined and cut. As a gemologist I travel to source my gemstones direct from reputable sources.
For us it is very important that we are as hand-on in our production as possible. It results in each piece having a unique look and signature of the maker.

Gold Eternity Ring

To meet Katherine in person, learn her wax carving processes and to customise your own, along with a host of LDC designers, then please find out more and secure your ticket here

Can't wait to see you there!

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