Beauty Trends Post Lockdown

By Caroline L Hamar, Contributor

At Lone design Club we’re always researching the changes in the market, to make sure we can be the cutting edge with what people are looking for. For this article we’re looking at the changes the pandemic has caused in the beauty industry and what could be the biggest trend post-lockdown.  

With the opening of stores we’re seeing a big change in the way the beauty industry operates, specifically around ‘testers’. Beauty has always been about what works best for you or what suits you and has relied on people being able to test shades, application and textures of each product with tester samples. However, Vice President for Boots, Joanna Rogers, explains to Get The Gloss magazine, “testers for makeup, fragrance and skincare will be removed from [Boots] stores and will be reintroduced when it is safe to do so… When they return, testers won’t be on public display in the beauty aisles and will be dispensed by a beauty advisor.” The US company, Ultra Beauty, has a new app by which “you can take a selfie or use a live shot of yourself to digitally try on a shade of lipstick, eyeshadow or even digitally sample a particular brand of mascara or eyeliner.” Whilst Sephora is continuing to put free testers in bag with every purchase. The days of experimental, spontaneous make-up purchasing might be over, for the time being.

However, some studies suggest that make-up is hardly going to feature in the post-lockdown beauty trends. With whats known as the “zoom-boom” many people have been on video calls in their home environments which has made them feel more comfortable about going make-up free. Also, mask wearing in public becoming a bigger requirement means people aren’t even showing their faces. A recent study by No.7 revealed that “82 per cent of women are currently wearing less make-up” and that “52 per cent” of people have changed their beauty routine since lockdown started.

Reena Hammer, beauty entrepreneur and managing director of luxury hair and beauty salon Urban Retreat says attitudes towards beauty routines have changed, she tells Harper Bazaar; “One real positive in all this [lockdown] is the realisation that what we do isn’t fluffy… The tides are turning on thinking that beauty is just superficial”. We have realised the mental and emotional benefits of beauty routines.

What’s the post-lockdown beauty trend? Skincare. With society now putting a bigger emphasise on cleanliness and the realisation in the mental benefits of ‘pampering’, skincare combines these two ideas. The main trend will be about looking refreshed, glowing, healthy. We are experiencing an evaluation of beauty routines that puts skincare top of the list.

At Lone Design Club we’re very proud of our beauty range and within that we have skincare products that not only make you feel good but do good for the environment and the community.

BuBu Skincare asks “want to feel good barefaced?” which is exactly the look we’re embracing right now. BuBu Skincare has a face mask for each skincare need, combining a unique thermo sensitive hydrogel, infusing key actives for each skin challenge. Their #StripItOff mask with a charcoal, clay and AHA combo leaves your skin fresh and glowing. Whilst their #SoakMeWet mask is the perfect hydration shot for any morning! Explore the full collection below. Founder, Marianne, has created a brand “not only to leave your skin sparkling, but to promote a key message of self love and acceptance.” This is the deeper mental benefits lockdown has helped us realise about our beauty routine!

Imersa is an Italian skincare brand based on research from the exceptional properties of two silk proteins: Sericin and Fibroin. Founders, Martina Gamboni, and Stefano Lorenzoni are all about giving you skincare that is connected with “nature’s rhythm.” Their “Discovery Kit” is exactly what it says… A discovery to smoother, more supple skin. It includes what the brand calls their “power players” which are the Cleansing Gel, Hydrating Serum and Day Cream.

Jas Thomas, co-founder of skincare brand Ohana, has a mission to show people that “what you put on your skin is as important as what you put into your body.” Ohana’s natural skincare products are infused with CBD, to make you feel like the best version of yourself. As with all these brands, it about looking good, but most important - it’s about feeling good! The Night Repair Face Oil has a combination of essential oils that supercharges the skin and replenishes it, with Rosehip, Blackberry and Arnica. This blend of oils also helps your senses to relax and drift to sleep. 

Miin Cosmetics represents two words MI and IN which, in Korean, means ‘beautiful woman’. Lilin Yang was inspired by her mother to share her passion for k-beauty with Europe. We have discussed skincare brands for your face, however, Miin also offers skincare brands for all over your body, such as the BumBum mask, with a highly effective Voluform complex which promotes skin contouring and definition - don’t be shy, it’s about whatever makes you feel good. Their Melting Mask For Hand repairs dry and rough skin as it boosts your skins natural barrier, we could all use this with all the hand washing!

Irén Skin is one of the first clean beauty brands in Japan, founder Kristin Chen has spent over 10 years in the beauty industries of Asia and Europe, which gives her a wealth of knowledge about how the skin “evolves through changes in age, stress, hormones, environment, and lifestyles.” Perfected in their Japanese lab, researchers spent over 10,000 hours before formulating each product, they even have 2000 harmful or toxic products blacklisted. They have a collection of skin serums such as, Glow-Getter renewal serum that is a gentle but effective SOS the night before a big day, with a powerful blend of exfoliants, antioxidants, enzymes and probiotics. There is also the StarLight Brightening Serum, that solves those irritating areas such as dark spots and uneven skin tone by targeting melanin. Perfect for after an evening of drinking cocktails! 

However, there is one tiny detail, documented in Harper Bazaar, that shows an increase in make-up; “Google searches for ‘eye shadow looks’ are increasing since the start of lockdown.” With mask-wearing becoming so important, people are focusing on bold eye make-up. 

So, lastly we introduce you to a brand that can make the most of the small amount of your face you’re now showing, Nicmac Beauty. A make-up brand that is vegan and cruelty-free, founder, Nicola wanted to find a “plastic free refillable makeup palette that looked great, and can be kept forever.” She couldn’t find any so, the Nic & Mix custom palette was born. Her eyeshadows feature “a wide range of highly pigmented colours which are lovingly handcrafted in the United Kingdom” and with shades such as ‘Apple Sour’ and ‘Foam Banana’ you’re sure to create some truly unique looks!

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