‘Oh My Dayes’, it's Annaliese’s new podcast launch!


During the COVID-19 lockdown, London based TV Presenter, model and fashion enthusiast Annaliese Dayes imagined the vision for her eponymous podcast ‘Oh My Dayes’ as a labour of love with the intention of reaching out to the fashion community.

Born and raised in London’s Hackney, Annaliese began her career as a model working for children’s clothing brands and teen magazines. She rose to prominence after her appearance on the reality TV show Britain’s Next Top Model which gave her the confidence to pursue a career in the media industry hosting fashion, lifestyle and beauty events, including Clothes Show Live for five years running. As a lover of fashion for good, Annaliese, much like her podcast, regularly shares her personal story, style inspiration and tips across social media.

"It was so inspiring listening to how Annaliese, Jade and Chloe pivoted from past careers"

- Shakaila Forbes-Bell

Across the Lone Design Club February Pop Up Concept Store on Regent Street, uniting over 90 brands under one co-curated roof, across the month-long period with the goal to share and spread creativity and community we couldn't think of a more fitting partner that focuses on just that. Annaliese’s mission and voice through her podcast aims to showcase that fashion is more than just clothing and represents a variety of things. With the goal and hopes to inspire listeners to make sustainable fashion choices - be it choosing sustainable brands, wearing pre-loved pieces and encouraging individuals to find their own personal style in order to become their most confident and authentic selves. 

Annaliese emphasised that it was significant to make her launch synonymous with the fashion industry. Why wait for anything less than the ultimate launch? During Fashion Week all eyes are on you, and ‘’the buzz and excitement in London during Fashion Week’’ was important as she wanted to capture that energy and inject it into her podcast launch. 

Annaliese voiced that the fashion industry needs to make changes to become more sustainable and the importance of highlighting harder to reach independent designers with smaller brand awareness is great. Annaliese believes that the majority of people rely on large brands who produce fast fashion due to consumer behaviour showing that they’re too scared to stand on their own fashion choices. Therefore, consumers rely on social media to provide inspiration and determine what they do or do not like. In order to make impactful changes, Annaliese advocates for slowing down fashion and believes that digital spaces and dressing avatars is the future of fashion.

Annaliese looks for brands that speak to her soul and make a statement when purchasing new pieces of clothing. Her top picks from brands at Lone Design Club include: Dola, a bespoke jewellery brand that aims to express its ethnic vibe, heritage and quality to the world, Kim Dave, a bold and playful womenswear and accessories label that is inspired by the heritage of Nigeria, fabrics are sourced locally and Hat n Spicy, a bespoke brand creating one-of-a-kind hats using locally sourced cruelty free faux fur to give preloved hats a new lease of life. She ‘’loves their ethos, African influence and elegance that the brands bring to a look’’.  Her top picks prove that sustainability and style can go hand in hand. 

Through her podcast, the fashion content creator aims to inspire listeners to realise that fashion affects them, regardless of whether they are fashionistas or not. She consciously chooses to buy pre-loved clothes before resorting to purchasing something new; standing by the motto quality over quantity. Her podcast is a testament to her beliefs and a call to action for her audience to make better choices in their fashion journeys as it’s never too late to start making a difference in the industry.