A Sustainable Approach in the Emerging Luxury Market

A Sustainable Approach in the Emerging Luxury Market

Introducing... The Letter, a sustainable and independent luxury fashion brand, and a regular at Lone Design Club's London concept stores + in Milan too!   

Since its inception in 2017, The Letter, a Dubai-based, contemporary luxury label, has been dedicated to reinventing the traditional jacket silhouette. Keeping ethical conduct and a pledge to unparalleled quality at its core, The Letter's first capsule collection combined suede and leather essentials, perfect for every style connoisseur's wardrobe.

Using leather as a bi-product, The Letter ensures that nothing goes to waste. A sustainable use of these materials that would otherwise be cast aside in landfill. Turning it into beautiful jackets of the highest quality. The Letter adds a touch of coolness with hand painted flames, palm trees and more.  

The Letter's products don't just end there either. You can find a full range in their collection, to suit all of your needs - whether heading somewhere that requires a casual edge (these leather trousers) or getting a little dressed up, stand out from the crowd (a knee length blue suede jacket, anyone?). These pieces can suit all your purposes, even a brand new briefcase to turn heads on your way into the office.

Drawing inspiration from cinematic references, designer Mohammed Rabi's label ensures that customers feel like the main lead in the film of their life when wearing these suede and leather essentials; no matter what the occasion. This love for cinema particularly resonated in the 'Hawaiian shirts' which use recycled plastic as the base of the cloth and combine it with references to iconic action films.

Embracing the challenges put forth by maintaining a slow fashion brand, The Letter strives to showcase their designs across the globe.

Check out their full collection here

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