3 New Collections With a Purpose

These three brands have been with Lone Design Club since the beginning, so it’s fair to say they are firmly a part of our community. That’s why we’re very excited to announce that they have launched brand new collections we couldn’t wait to get our hands on. Not only are their designs beautiful, but each has an important and impactful message behind it. 


Gung HoGung Ho is a sustainable British fashion brand that allows you to not only wear what you love, but what you believe in.

Each year's collections are a creative reflection of a particular environmental or political issue that they feel needs attention, they are meant to provoke discussion and be a talking point. This year Gung Ho chose Food For Thought - the impact that food has on our environment. Every design has a hidden message within the print to spark up a conversation about the topic in hand. Following up on their Spring/Summer collection that focused on eating seasonally, food waste and cutting out meat, their new collection focuses on three new topics. 

"In the (mad mad) world we live in, creating meaning and standing by your values has never been more important. Starting conversations about these issues in an inspiring way has never been more needed - and that is our mission. Each piece has something big to say, and lots of conversations to start. This Autumn Winter we will be campaigning around 3 new issues from our Spring/Summer Food For Thought collection - Airmiles, Pesticides and the Water Footprint behind produce."
- Sophie Dunster, Founder + Creative Director


Fabric for Freedom

Fabric for Freedom

Fabric for Freedom was built on a foundation of integrity: truth, transparency, justice. All products are ethically produced in the UK, where they guarantee fair wages and good working conditions.

They've launched an upcycled range exclusively available at our London Fashion Week store. These pieces have all been made and re-designed from clothing that was wastage and would have gone to landfill - giving them a second life. Using embroidery and embellishments from offcuts and production waste, including the trim offcuts from a famous interior designer, each piece is truly a one-of-a-kind design. 

"If we are considering what it means to do good design we need to account for nature. We need to know where our clothes come from and who made them. As climate change is the biggest threat on the horizon we need a 360-degree approach to fashion. We need to create clothes considering their end of life ensuring we reduce wastage and make garments that are not only recyclable but made to last".
- Esther Knight, Founder + Designer

Please Note: The Fabric for Freedom upcycled collection is not available for sale online due to the nature of each piece being one-of-a-kind. If you're interested, please email us via the link below, live chat us here on our website, DM Lone Design Club on our social media accounts, or visit our London store at 138 Long Acre before Sunday, 22nd September to view designs and purchase.


Conflict of Ego

Conflict of Ego

Every Conflict of Ego collection bleeds a socio-political topic close to the designer’s heart.

Their first full collection release in 12 months, ‘In Motion’ launched on the 9th Sept at our London Fashion Week pop-up store. It revisits the notion that we as individuals flex and change our style according to our mood, and follows their new more sustainable approach: 100% organic cotton tees, printed Italian mesh tops made in the UK, recycled jersey fabrics, and silk styles with unique placement to cut down on waste.

“At COE our view is how can we maximise our resources and reduce our carbon footprint at the same time. This is how our accessories were born. We’ve since added more styles with a unique print placement and we’re constantly pushing our factories to create new recycled fabrics. Why re-create, when you can re-use. The planet is our responsibility and how we act now will have a knock on effect for the future and our predecessor’s."
- Alanna Wain, Creative Director + Founder


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