Here at Lone Design Club we are surrounded by sustainable values from all of our amazing brands who each offer unique and interesting products. All of our brands have their own distinctive sustainable goals and ethics but many brands also share similar values which all are vital in reducing the impact from the fashion industry on the environment. In todays post we will be looking at the values of Dola, Succo and Asime, and how timlessness is at the heart of the brands.

Who are Succo? 

Succo style’s high aesthetic value stands out in the industry  with attention to detail: finest yarns, niche craftsmanship, sustainable production practices, and original patterns. Succo renews the tradition of handmade embroidery and honours its timeless beauty in the modern world. 
All of Succo's products are made from bamboo fibres, which make the items breathable and comfortable to wear, whilst also being the most eco-friendly fabric on earth. Bamboo fabric is a natural cellulose fiber, it can be completely biodegraded and the decomposition process doesn’t cause any pollution to the environment. 
The companies designs are designed to be timeless and something that can be worn all year round with a low focus on trends but still being fashionable and cool. 

Who are Dola?

Born in Lagos, Dola are a luxury jewellery brand. The brand focus the the entire buying experience and want to ensure that the customer is given a luxurious and personal experience. Dola offers a bespoke experience for those who who have a specific style, vision, or desire in mind.
Dola's products seek to empower your personality, while also expressing an ethnic vibe that leads the brand’s identity back to it’s Nigerian roots. 
Dola pride themselves on their pieces being timeless, with some going back as far as the 1800’s. You will be able to find, create a connection and wear each piece with pride- and then pass it down from generation to generation. The brand provides a service called “Forever care”. This is a restoration of your jewellery should it start to lose it lustre after sustained wear and tear- so customers can treasure their pieces forever.

Who are Asime?

Asime are a socially responsible London based clothing brand, produced in Ghana. The brand is  female-led with community and enterprise at its core. They work in collaboration with Aunty’s Fashion Home in the Volta region community of Dzita-Agbledom, Ghana and produce colourful, contemporary women and menswear made from responsibly sourced Ghanaian textiles. At Asime 20% of annual profits are donated to Dream Big Ghana NGO, a community led NGO that supports lives in the local community focusing on eco-sanitation, sports development, health and education.
Aunty's Fashion Home is a family run business, who now work in collaboration with Asime, who have a fair trade agreement which involves- ensuring machinists and members of staff are paid a daily wage  that exceeds 5 times the minimum wage set in Ghana and 4 times the living wage.
Timelessness and reducing waste is a big value at Asime. The brand has small scale production and the women at Aunty's Fashion House ensure each product is crafted carefully to give the piece a long life span in everybodies wardrobes. 

Timeless fashion 

Timeless fashion is elevated basics that do not follow new trends and ceases to go out out of style. 
A shared value of all these brands is the importants of making fashion timeless and not following micro-trends which get thrown away before the next season! 
We think that this brand value has made a great addition to our club and we can't wait to see you in our brands pieces in years to come. 

Hope you enjoyed getting to know our new international sustainable brand. But that's not all. We're telling more brands stories every day here and on our Instagram. Check out the full schedule of brands here.  

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