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VIKRAM MENON - Accounting, Tax + Finance

VIKRAM MENON - Accounting, Tax + Finance

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As I am sure you’re aware the disruption of COVID-19 is running rife through small businesses. We want to provide you with all the necessary information on how to get through these times.

Get the expert support and information you need to know all online, tailored to you.

All consultations will take place via Zoom call. Upon purchasing you will receive a bespoke link with your appointment time and information.

Considering all things e-commerce and digital, find the perfect option for you, tailored to you.

  1. Initial Consultancy


Overview: A 90 minute session. During this session Vikram can get a good understanding of the issues your business is facing in respect of accounting , tax and business related matters and provide you with advice on this. 

Ideal for: anyone who needs some additional help and support on finance matters relating to their business or their own personal tax affairs

Cost: £100


  1. Ongoing Support


Overview: this is 3 month support program. You will get 3 hours support per month for 3 months. This can be in the form of face to face meetings, on line meetings, calls, emails etc. The plan will be to help the business make sure that their finance functions are in good shape, helping the designer get a good understanding of their monthly accounts, year end accounts, accounting and tax advice. Helping businesses develop a template to monitor their monthly cashflow position and advise on any other issues that arise. A lot of time designers feel they don’t have sufficient support from their accountants or bookkeepers and Vikram will be able to help bridge that gap. 

Ideal for: Businesses that don’t have a sophisticated in house accounting function or inhouse accounts team that provide ongoing help and advice to the business owner. It is important that business owners get a better understanding of their accounting and tax affairs and Vikram can work with them on this.

Cost: £750


About Vikram Menon

Vikram is a chartered accountant who helps creative entrepreneurs particularly in the fashion sector. With over twenty years’ experience of working with private and corporate clients, advising on a wide range of accountancy, tax and business advisory issues.

Now working very closely with the British Fashion Council acting as a mentor to the designers they support through initiatives like NEWGEN.