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PETE GOMORI - Marketing and Branding

PETE GOMORI - Marketing and Branding

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As I am sure you’re aware the disruption of COVID-19 is running rife through small businesses. We want to provide you with all the necessary information on how to get through these times.

Get the expert support and information you need to know all online, tailored to you.

All consultations will take place via Zoom call. Upon purchasing you will receive a bespoke link with your appointment time and information.

Considering all things marketing and branding, find the perfect option for you, tailored to you.

1. Group consultation 

An opportunity to be paired with similar brands within a consultation setting to receive all the information you would from a regular consultation, but splitting the price across yourselves. Receive 1-1 feedback, advice and suggestions as well as getting the support from likeminded brands.


2. Speed Consultancy

Overview: A 90 minute session. Pete will listen to your current state of play, be an experienced sounding board for your challenges, review your marketing materials and digital presence live with you, and provide suggestions to improve and move forward.

Ideal for: anyone who is stuck, confused or desperate for some external advice on their branding and marketing.

Cost: £150 

3. Critique and Support

Overview: Over two sessions, Pete will help you make critical decisions about your brand and marketing, based on your needs. In the first session, we'll cover the same areas as in Speed Consultancy - but then Pete will give guidance on how to move forward, plan out the tasks you need to do for yourself to make design and copywriting improvements, and then run a second follow-up session where he can feed back once you've done the work.

Ideal for: people with some marketing or branding knowledge who need external support to be confident that they're making the right decisions

Cost: £250

4. Brand Jumpstart

Overview: Over two sessions, we'll co-create the elements you need to change in your brand. In the first session we'll discuss your challenges and the areas of your brand and marketing you're not happy with. Then Pete will take your brief away, spend some time on it and come back with suggestions and stimulus to help you make decisions and changes: for example typography, imagery, social media, colour palettes  and brand personality. It'll then be up to you to implement the changes but you'll be on solid ground!

Ideal for: anyone who knows they need to re-do their brand but can't afford to outsource the whole process

Cost: £550

What I've Learned from Working With Ethical Fashion Brands

Studio Gomori have worked with a number of ethical fashion brands since launching. We've met inspirational, enthusiastic and creative people who are doing amazing things for the world - and we've noticed that lots of companies face similar challenges around their marketing and branding. From differentiation, to tone of voice, to the never ending need for content, the basics of marketing are enough to deal with - but there's a whole issue in communicating ethical values in a world where people are told to care about very different things. In this webinar, creative director Pete Gomori will share some of the lessons he's learned over the last few years, working with sustainable fashion brands.