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MFW Behind the Brand with Lobos supported by Terre de la Custodia

MFW Behind the Brand with Lobos supported by Terre de la Custodia


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Saturday 21st September // @ 6 - 8PM

Via dell'Orso, Milano, Lombardia, 20121


Meet the designer behind the brand of Lobos, learn about the thought process behind the designs and what influences them.

The 'Behind the Brand' Experience is an opportunity to delve into the backstory behind the brand. Understand what influences the designer's vision, how they created the brand and discover the new collection.

Enjoy drinks and discovering new designers that you won't find anywhere else.


About Lobos

The Lobos story began in 2018, born from dedication, intuition, and passion. It was while showcasing our prêt-à-porter collection of luxury coats, which featured distinctive statement leather pockets, that we noticed the interest being given to the pockets themselves. Buyers were asking whether these artistic and handcrafted pockets were detachable or could be used as a small bag. They weren’t. But maybe they could be or should be? At this moment, we realised we had conceived something extraordinary. An idea was born to design and produce artistic bags which would elevate the concept of handbags to new heights. We then spent a great deal of time exploring the concept of classic handbag shapes which could be transformed into works of art using detachable accessories. We wanted the art to be as wearable as the handbag itself, so why not use the bag as the canvas and marry the two?

With wearable art as the driving force, collaboration with independent artists would be the most authentic way to combine leather craftsmanship with artisanal design. To do this, we sought the very best multi-disciplined artists, harnessing a variety of disciplines and establishing a team of talent and originality.

With the artistic element in place, we sourced sustainable Italian leather suppliers who met our rigorous standards and gave us full transparency into how our bags would be made.


Meet Patryk, and discover the brand for yourself as she walks you through the collection, all whilst sipping on drinks of course!


What to expect:

6pm: Drinks, typical Milanese Happy Hour!

6.30pm: Introduction to the designer from LDC and presentation from the brand

7pm: Meet the designer, discover the product + enjoy drinks and mingling!


Happy hour supported by Terre de la Custodia


lone design club values

This product adheres to our Lone Design Club values, promoting and supporting ethical, sustainable and conscious fashion. Thank you for supporting independent designers.

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