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Mental Health Awareness Month: Self Love Design Club, Female Health + Wellness

Mental Health Awareness Month: Self Love Design Club, Female Health + Wellness

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This Mental Health Awareness Month, we're focusing on our bodies and talking about periods, sex, equality, health and wellness + everything!

Let's talk about Sex, baby! And periods and the female body and ageing and more fun stuff!

We want to open up a discussion on what's not talked about. We are ingrained from a young age that we should feel ashamed of our bodies and that we shouldn't explore ourselves sexually. This leads to a lot of confusion for many years about what our bodies actually do and makes us feel uncomfortable and insecure to talk about it!

Have you ever asked for a tampon in front of a man and felt embarrassed by it? Why are we told to keep these things quiet? Surely, if everyone bled for 5 days straight, we'd hear about it all the time!

Hear from likeminded and empowered individuals and be a part of the discussion.

This event is for absolutely everyone! Got a questions, ask away! We're here to create a community of support.

The event will take place from 6.30 and we'll have a series of questions, but it will be very conversational! Ask your questions and join in the conversation. Be a part of the community.

It will be a free event or attendees can make a donation to the Bloody Good Period, helping to provide sanitary products to those that wouldn't ordinarily have access!


Meet the Speakers

Sarah Welsh - Co Founder Hanx


Founded in 2017 by Dr Sarah Welsh and Farah Kabir, sexual wellness brand HANX is on a mission to empower every woman with the knowledge that she needs to take charge of her health. With the UK in the midst of lockdown, HANX has pivoted its gynaecologist-approved content to support and inform those who are now facing a hormone-free foreseeable future, either through necessity or by choice.
Introducing ‘Hormone Harmony’, an initiative designed to empower women with the knowledge that they need to take charge of their health: be it due to dwindling Pill supplies, the rapidly approaching ‘best before date’ on a coil or the choice to get a better grip on their monthly cycle.

HANX has partnered with fellow lifestyle and wellness heroes from their little pink book to create an exclusive Hormone Harmony Kit, designed to support and alleviate the expected side-effects of going hormone-free. Products include: HANX condoms and lubricant, Pukka herbal tea, Korean skincare face masks from Tonic15, Vitl vitamins, Dame tampons, fourfiveCBD pure CBD Oil and Candy Kittens treats.

Available exclusively at HANX.com, each kit is worth over £80, with a price of
£39.99 RRP. Receive an exclusive LDC discount with LDN20.


Gabby Edlin, Founder - Bloody Good Period

Sadly, the reality is that periods are a luxury that many refugees and asylum seekers living in the UK cannot afford. Many people living in poverty resort to using toilet paper, old scraps of fabric or nothing at all.

Bloody Good Period was started by Gabby Edlin, who decided something needed to be done to create a sustainable flow (pun intended) of menstrual products for those who can't afford to buy them. What started as a whip-round on Facebook is now a growing charity, with a vision to achieve menstrual equity - where the simple fact of bleeding doesn't stop anyone from participating fully in society, or life.

Now partnered with 40 asylum seeker drop-in centres around the country, helping more women and people who menstruate have bloody good periods.


Sienna Halliburton, Marketing Manager - Je Joue

Since 2005, Je Joue has been encouraging individuals to explore their bodies and indulge in feelings of ecstasy. Taking sex toys out of a dark, shady alley and into the mainstream through beautiful design, education and the finest quality materials. At the forefront of bringing pleasure and sex into mainstream conversation. Aiming to encourage open conversation and extinguish judgemental attitudes, allowing masturbation to be understood for the amazingly pleasurable thing that it is!


Celia, Co Founder - Dame

Celia is co-founder of DAME, the sustainable period care brand behind the world’s first reusable tampon applicator and DAME organic tampons. Celia initially set up her own menstrual product subscription service delivering popular products to women across the UK. It was here that she saw first-hand the plastic and chemicals that go into tampons. Believing that women and the planet deserve better, she launched DAME.  

DAME is on a mission to make periods positive, for women and the planet by cleaning up the period industry, focusing on plastic waste, harsh chemicals and period shame. In January 2019 DAME launched D, the world’s first reusable tampon applicator, to tackle the 1.3 billion single-use applicators thrown away in the UK every year, along with a range of organic, biodegradable tampons. They have already secured nationwide listings in Waitrose, Boots and Sainsburys, been recognised in Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas Awards and saved over 350 million pieces of single-use plastic from landfill and our oceans. They're also a certified B Corp with the first Carbon Neutral + certification meeting the highest environmental and ethical standards.


Wednesday 27th May // @ 6.30PM BST