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LDC x Fashion Debates: Did Fashion Week Really Change?

LDC x Fashion Debates: Did Fashion Week Really Change?

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Join us as we discuss what went down at Fashion Week. Did brands rise to the industry's call for change?

Looking for that pre-pandemic connection and inspiration? LDC and The Fashion Debates have come together to bring you the two best things: fashion and deep conversation. By signing up we'll send you the Zoom link and more information on the runnings of the event. 

Since the CFDA + BFC called brands to 'rethink' and actively move towards a more sustainable fashion calendar we've witnessed 3 key Fashion Weeks - Men's, Haute Couture and now the largest of all, September Fashion Month. But what really happened? Did brands sit up and listen or did they rush back to the way things were pre pandemic?

This online event will start with opening statements from our key speakers. We will then breakout into smaller focus groups, giving you the chance to have a 1-1 discussion with your favourite expert and likeminded individuals. The groups will rotate once again, before we all come back together to share our thoughts in one larger reflection. Following on from this, there will be the further opportunity to stay online and ask more direct Q&As to the wider group.

Hear what others have to say and share your two cents on what you noticed about Fashion Week, the pandemic and this industry's effect on the current climate crisis.

Meet the Host: Olivia Pinnock

Olivia is a fashion journalist, lecturer and founder of The Fashion Debates. She has covered sustainability and the wider fashion industry for titles including Forbes and Drapers and through The Fashion Debates has hosted discussions on some of the most pressing issues it faces today. Her teaching work covers fashion journalism, communications, branding and history at London College of Fashion and London Metropolitan University.

Meet the speakers (more TBA: Expect brands who've gone off schedule and fashion journalists)

Jonathan Chippindale

Co-founder and Chief Executive of Holition, Jonathan Chippindale​ formed the venture start-up over a decade ago to explore the role technology and innovation play to the modern, digital-focused consumer. Over the last ten years, the creative innovation studio has evolved into a synthesis of retail scientists, film-makers, artists, mathematicians, UX designers and other curious minds, united by digital empathy towards consumer experience.

The part think tank, part digital studio crafts bespoke experiences for industry leaders across the luxury, fashion, beauty, and art sectors who look to Holition to introduce a new dialogue with their consumers. The growing network of pioneering brands include Hermes, LVMH, Cartier, L’Oreal Group, Estee Lauder Group, and COTY.

Anna Dominic

Anna is the creative mastermind behind the incredible brand that is Ganor Dominic. She received her BA in Footwear Design at the prestigious London College of Fashion. She was also recipient of the National Footwear Design Student of the Year Award, presented to her by iconic footwear giant Jimmy Choo.

Anna’s obsession with the concept of “Shoes as a form of Art” guides Ganor Dominic’s collections from Ancient Greek references to Pop Surrealist ones, always interpreting the brand’s design vocabulary of facial features and bold silhouettes in new and exciting ways.

Elle L

Elle L is a music artist, environmentalist and expert advisor to the United Nations, “UN” in Sustainable Fashion and Media. Through her art, music and special collaborative projects, she finds inspiration to awaken and connect herself and others to the natural world.

As a passionate advocate for the environment, alongside her music, Elle has journeyed to the heart of Kenya and the Peruvian Rainforests of the Amazon over the past eighteen months to curate and speak for the UN and support conservation efforts on the ground.

She uses her growing profile to raise vital awareness for conservation and those without a voice and believes in achieving true equality in age, gender, race and sexuality. Through special projects, she has supported fundraising over £1.5 million to international grassroots efforts.


Location: ONLINE

Date: 24th September @ 4 - 6 PM



More info to follow - keep an eye on our website and social channels - in the meantime, be sure to mark your diaries.

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