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Unice - Neck in Silver
Unice - Neck in Silver
Unice - Neck in Silver
Unice - Neck in Silver

Unice - Neck in Silver


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Unice Neck

This silver necklace is inspired by Ancient Greek name, Unice, that means “good victory”.

Its double disk shape is easy to hold while you wear it around your neck. The unisex design expresses your inner strength and mobility. Feel empowered to strive and achieve while wearing Unice.


Choose from our selection of perfume orbs to relax or refresh. Ease tension with one of our massage stones made of precious minerals. Each orb slots easily into your necklace with its modular design.


Material : Sterling silver

Size : 38 x 42 mm, h: 11.1 mm, Chain length 26 inch


  • The modular design allows you to interchangeably slot in your chosen orbs from our perfume or massage stone collection. 

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