LDC Masterclass: Get customers to buy your brand - with Karolina Barnes

LDC Masterclass: Get customers to buy your brand - with Karolina Barnes


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Nowadays one of the biggest advantages of any successful business is customer loyalty and the power of word of mouth. But how can you encourage people to buy your products and let them share their experience with their friends? What can you do to start attracting more people who deeply identify themselves with your brand? Karolina Barnes, founder of ESTILA magazine will be sharing her tips in this game-changing masterclass.

A rare opportunity to learn how to implement strategies and processes that will help you to attract and gain more loyal, engaging customer who will be happily spreading the word about your brand.

During this high-impact and thought-provoking session we will cover:

- How to identify customer behaviour patterns and triggers
- How to utilise and maximise your existing customer base
- What you can do to delight customers with something unexpected and surprising
- What strategies you can implement to encourage word of mouth
- Understanding loyalty programs, reward strategies and referrals
Takeaways of this session will be a checklist tool sheet (or a mini guide???) as well as case studies to get inspired by.

About Karolina Barnes

Karolina Barnes is the creative director and editor in chief of ESTILA magazine, a British lifestyle business magazine that specialises in telling powerful stories of independent brands, designers and artists. Karolina was involved in business from her teens when her parents started a family distribution business. After gaining her degree in economics and business studies, she started her own businesses in various industries. In 2013 she retrained as an interior designer and two years later founded ESTILA with a mission to share and highlight inspiring stories of British design, sustainability, craftsmanship and innovation within creative industries.

Website: estila.co

Social handle is: @estilamag (on IG, Twitter, Pinterest) and @estilamagazine on FB. My personal handle on IG is: @karolinabarnes