birch dress - LDC
birch dress - LDC

birch dress

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size small

color navy

natural dyes

fabrics 100% organic cotton - woven in japan

made in bali


about organic cotton


this garment is made of certified organic non-gmo cotton cultivated without chemical pesticides or herbicides. grown in turkey and woven in japan, each step of the process has been audited to ensure the integrity of the textile.


about natural dyes


this garment is hand-colored with natural plant dyes. because this is not an industrial process, there may be some minor inconsistency in hue which enhances the artisanal integrity or uniqueness of the piece.


about the brand


Mariañes is a label founded on sustainable principles.

The collection showcase exquisite natural textiles,

including 100% organic cottons and sustainably

produced silk. The garments are hand-tailored in Bali,

supporting local crafts people. 


Mariañes designs have a timeless, classic appeal

based on simple, beautiful silhouettes, soft fabrics

and an absolute insistence on comfort. Fluid, shifting

shapes are created with every movement of your

body. Room to move, room to breathe.