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Imperfect Soaps

Imperfect Soaps


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Here at Haoma everything is handmade and premium quality but sometimes things don’t go according to plan. ⁣

These soaps have the same super moisturising and gentle cleaning qualities but we did a poor job stamping them or cutting them.

Some of them were wrapped in vegetable dyed paper and the colours transferred on the soaps. ⁣
No waste here at Haoma so they are offered at half price. This way you can experience the pure organic Haoma quality for a little less.⁣
Do not forget, Haoma soaps are not just for hands, they are incredible for face and body too. You will be surprised to see how moisturising, creamy and rich they are. 


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This product adheres to our Lone Design Club values, promoting and supporting ethical, sustainable and conscious fashion. Thank you for supporting independent designers.

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