dvaita escape jacket
dvaita escape jacket
dvaita escape jacket

dvaita escape jacket

Bav Tailor

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This BAV TAiLOR sustainable luxury piece is a 100% Made-In-Italy.

The Dvaita Escape Jacket in colour Grey Ash inspired by Kamala - growth amidst chaos. A piece created using 100% pure green eco wool from the prestigious region of Biella, sustainably certifed GREEN. Construction detail includes front panel in green yak.  

100% authentically Made-in-Italy with love by local ateliers to support communities and reduce the brand's carbon footprint.

The colour palette remains an exploration of crystal and earth tones. Each BAV TAiLOR colour reflects the vision to empower healing energy to the bearer of each piece.

respect your body + your sphere


100% green wool
detail • 100% green yak
lining • 100% organic silk