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LDC Accelerator: Digital, the New Normal & Staying Relevant with Rebekah Roy

LDC Accelerator: Digital, the New Normal & Staying Relevant with Rebekah Roy

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  A discussion for fashion brands on adapting to the new digital world, being ahead of the curve and ways to get noticed.

Given these unprecedented times, the fashion industry is having to make rapid adjustments. If there has ever been a more crucial time for going digital it is now.

Digital is not only an increasingly important sales channel but it can also help companies adapt cost structures and make each step of the value chain better, faster, and cheaper.

Now, if that doesn't sound good to you then I don't know what to say!

Who is the event for?

  • Fashion and Lifestyle businesses.
  • Conscious shoppers
  • Everyone else

This event is about practical advice for brands who are trying to adjust to this new normal.

LDC's Amanda Fullalove will be joined by the one and only Rebekah Roy who will be offering her expert insight into just how company's can make this jump. This is one interesting discussion you won't want to miss!

About Rebekah Roy

Rebekah is an expert in merchandising, styling and selling! With over 20 years' experience in the industry it is safe to say that she has accummulated an abundance of fashion wisdom. Rebekkah is known for her innovative and forward-thinking appraoch to styling. She has a strong understanding of creative business strategy and brand building which has allowed her to successfully manage a vast array of projects at all. This includes aid regarding the conception to execution of new ideas, in both editorial and commercial such as catwalk shows plus the production of imaging campaigns, seasonal look books and videos.