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#EachforEqual Empowerment + Entrepreneurs Panel
#EachforEqual Empowerment + Entrepreneurs Panel

#EachforEqual Empowerment + Entrepreneurs Panel

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A discussion considering equality and supporting our fellow females on International Women's Day. Hear the inspiring stories of women who've 'got it all' - the trials and tribulations of becoming an entrepreneur, the struggles they've faced and how to overcome them. LDC hosted this inspiring networking event for female empowerers and entrepreneurs to unite, network and engage across one evening.  


Moderated by Rebecca Morter, Lone Design Club's Founder & CEO. 

Jasmin & Karolina - Selfish Darling

Learning that you're in control of your own happiness, that there are some things you just cannot control and that it doesn't matter what someone else thinks or say, what matters is your reaction to it.

Out of this realisation the idea for Selfish Darling was born. With Selfish Darling we want to compassionately educate women of all ages about all of the things that are almost solely affecting women. Our mission is to empower women starting from a young age as these pressures affect them for the rest of their lives.

Selfish Darling is a platform to talk about the difficult, embarrassing and challenging topics that we face every day and to provide a safe place for all women out there to make their voice heard.

"If we can help just one woman or girl, then we'd feel like we've made a change and succeeded”


Luma Saqqaf

Luma is the co-owner and executive chairman of Ajyal Group Limited, managing its portfolio of companies and assets in Europe and the Middle East primarily in retail fashion, real estate and private equity. She is also the founder and creative director of the Spanish premium women wear brand BYLUMA.

She is a director and board member of fashion companies and investment committees and funds in Europe and the Middle East including: Casa Luzmila SL - Spain, Gordon Investments – Spain (a fund focusing on investing in SME’s in Spain); Abaluza LLC – Jordan (Fashion retail); VIP Fund -USA (a venture philanthropy fund investing (and developing) EdTech, MediaTech and FinTech start-ups in Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq). Luma is a business mentor working regularly with growing companies, start-ups and social enterprises.


Stefania Barbaglio

Stefania Barbaglio is a London-based entrepreneur, business strategist, and widely recognised PR and Investor Relations expert who has advised a range of private and listed companies across many sectors, including digital technology, and has facilitated multiple deals globally. In 2015, she founded Cassiopeia Services, the award-winning UK-based boutique Investor & Public Relations agency. She is an influencer with a large investor following and is considered one of the top British female digital PR experts. Stefania has guided various firms in business development, fundraising & organisational dynamics, as well as leading large-scale tech and investment events. In the technology space, she has consulted with a range of international fintech, data, AI and blockchain application-focused companies on their ground-breaking projects, including leading names such as US-based DigiByte and Cardano. She also hosts the online channel FinancialFox, the real-deal City of London financial TV show, featuring exclusive interviews with entrepreneurs, innovators, listed company CEOs, and market leaders. She is a keynote speaker on new technology disruption, innovation and fashion tech, counterfeiting, fake news, cybersecurity, big data, alternative investment, social empowerment, and marketing strategies which focus on building strong communities. Stefania also organises regular symposia for public companies and start-ups: investor presentations and networking evenings in exclusive private venues.



This event originally took place on the 9th of March, 2020 at Lone Design Club's pop-up store in London, UK.